Health Benefits of Meditation

Science has successfully confirmed that meditation does have healthy benefits. Yogis were right all along when they suggested for people to take deep breaths and relax, remember all the tension and worries and let them all go and pop like a bubble in your head. It is human knowledge that relaxation is important for us humans.

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Below are scientific facts that should clear any doubts about meditation.

Calmness and Emotional Balance

The biggest difference about one who practices meditation and one who doesn’t can be found inside their minds. People who meditate are masters of their thoughts. They question everything and think everything through. That applies for problems as well. Simply put, problems are just another thought for them to master and plan a perfect response to. But, those who do not meditate become a slave to their thoughts. A good example of this is how people tend to worry much about a lot of things, how the socially awkward worry about what to say, how the overly conscious worry about his hairdo and much more. Just imagine a day without having to worry about everything. Imagine that for the rest of your days, you will have a permanent peace of mind. The answer to all your problems: meditation.


Meditation does not only rid your mind of negative thoughts. It also shuts off inflammation and prevents other illnesses from ever having experienced. According to researchers, inflammation may come from stress. Inflammation is not to be underestimated as it is linked to asthma, arthritis, heart disease, and psoriasis.

Lowers blood pressure

Another way to remove stress is lowering your blood pressure. It turns out you may not have need for those medications that lower your blood pressure anymore. The brainy people at Harvard Medical School have discovered that meditation lowers the blood pressure. Now that it is mentioned, perhaps you can invite the elderly with you when meditating.

Eases irritable bowel syndrome

Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome are constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. All of which can be counterattacked by meditating twice every day. The practice is so effective that researchers have recommended it to patients as an effective treatment.

Increased fertility

Relaxation brought by meditation also affects our private organs. For men, their motility and sperm count is reduced. For the women, a relaxed woman is more likely to conceive than a stressed one.

Increased Immunity

Perhaps the greatest benefit of meditation is boosting immunity. Recovering cancer patients can boost their immunity just by meditating. Meditation relaxes the muscles and progressively relaxing it reduces risks of breast cancer. As for the elderly, relaxation can boost their natural killer cells, which gives them stronger resistance against viruses and tumors.

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