Health Benefits of Pandan and Sample Recipe

Pandan, known for the scientific name Pandanus amaryllifolius, is a tropical plant from the genus Pandanus. It is used widely in cooking as a flavoring in South and Southeast Asia. As a plant, pandan also has multiple health benefits.

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First Aid

Pandan may act as primary relief to various health issues. According to Drink Benefits, the plant is helpful in treating wounds and diseases like smallpox, in addition to reducing pain in earache, headache, arthritis, and chest pain. As per the publication, pandan can also help reduce fever, as well as freshen the breath and reduce gum and mouth pain. It is added that the plant’s leaves contain alkaloids, glycosides, and tannins, which are agents responsible for the management of the aforementioned health problems.

Cardiovascular and Nervous Benefits

Pandan leaves help promote cardiovascular health. According to Dr. Health Benefits, the plant leaves can boil two cups of water with ten grams of pandan leaves, until the remaining water is half of the initial volume. As per the publication, the person may drink half of the decoction in the morning the other half in the evening; this is done regularly to help stabilize the blood pressure.

In terms of the nervous system, pandan leaves can also help overcome the weak nerves. As per the publication, three pieces of pandan leaves are chopped and boiled with three cups of water, until the decoction reduces to two cups. It is cooled down, before it is consumed in the morning and in the afternoon.

Skin and Aesthetics

Pandan also boost the health of a person’s integument, which includes the hair and the scalp. According to Vegetafruit, the plant leaves are chopped and boiled with a glass of water until the liquid becomes greening in color. After that, the decoction is allowed to cool overnight and in the morning, three noni fruits are combined to the mixture. It is used to wash the hair thrice a week.

The leaves can also relieve dandruff. As per the publication, two to five pieces of pandan leaves are rinsed and sliced into small slices, before being crushed into powder. The output is the one used to rub onto the scalp regularly.

Sample Recipe

Pandan can be added to various recipes, such as Pandan Coconut Ice Cream. According to Feastie, the ingredients include six to eight large pandan leaves (trimmed), two cans or 400 ml (13 oz) of thick coconut milk, a cup of whole milk, half cup sugar, three egg yolks, and a pinch of salt.

To prepare, the ice cream bowl must be placed in the freezer a day before churning the ice cream. Then, whole milk and the pandan leaves are added into a mixer and they are blended for a minute. Next, cheesecloth is draped over a large strainer and the pandan milk is pour to remove the pandan fibers.

Meanwhile, the coconut and pandan milk are added in a large saucepan. Next, the resulting mixture is heated on medium-low for a few minutes or until the milk is hot. After that, the sugar and egg yolks are whisked in a separate bowl for about two minutes, until the yolks become mildly pale in color. Also, a measuring cup is used to temper the egg yolk mixture with hot milk while whisking. Then, the mixture is added into the saucepan and cooked on medium-low heat for about ten minutes, until the custard begins yo coat the back of a wooden spoon. A good practice is to still the custard often to prevent it from being burned.

Once the custard has thickened to the desired consistency, it is removed from heat and is allowed to cool before adding salt. Then, a plastic cling wrap is placed over the custard and it is refrigerated to chill for a few hours. Next, the chilled custard is added and the ice cream is churned. The ice cream is frozen for a few hours, before it is removed from the freezer for a few minutes prior to serving.

Pandan is packed with various benefits to health. Thus, its inclusion to various meal recipes helps promote man’s health and well-being.

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