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Health Benefits of Pulasan

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In so many tropical areas on the planet, there is a fruit called pulasan. It comes from a tree that is usually cultivated for ornamental purposes, but its various parts such as the roots and leaves are also commonly employed by traditional healers for dealing with a wide variety of health problems.

Pulasan is related to a bunch of other exotic fruits such as rambutan and longan. The red-colored skin of pulasan can be very tough and leathery, and it also features lots of stubby spines.

The flesh, on the other hand is white and translucent, and can be very fragrant. One of the nicest things about pulasan is it can taste sweet and pleasing, without any hint of sourness. It’s for this reason why, aside from eating it as it is, pulasan is commonly turned into jams, jellies and preserves. Sometimes it is also made into sauce.

A seed can be found inside every pulasan, and it can be roasted or boiled and turned into a drink. The resulting drink can be quite refreshing, known to boast of a very familiar cocoa-like taste.

Here are some of the most impressive health benefits that pulasan is known to offer:

It Lowers Your Risk of Having an Infection

Just like many other exotic fruits, pulasan is very rich in vitamin C. It’s due to this reason why your immune system can be strengthened by the fruit, considerably lowering your risk of ending up with the common cold, flu or any other infection of the upper parts of the respiratory tract.

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It Serves as an Anti-Aging Food

Thanks to the vitamin C content of pulasan, its regular consumption can help you stay looking young. That’s because its vitamin C is necessitated for the production of the skin-firming protein called collagen. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, and it helps protect your skin cells from being damaged by free radicals.

It Also Beautifies Your Hair, Nails and Smile

Did you know that the loads of vitamin C in pulasan is also important for keeping your mane and nails healthy and looking lovely? What’s more, the said nutrient is vital for keeping the gums healthy. As a result, your pearly whites can remain healthy and tough, allowing you to flash your smile with full confidence.

It Promotes Regular Bowel Movement

While it may not be as juicy as rambutan and longan, its relatives, pulasan is still very rich in dietary fiber such as those. It is because of this why including it in your diet on a regular basis can help in keeping constipation at bay. Make sure that you also drink plenty of fluids and move around a lot to be regular.

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It Helps to Control Blood Glucose Levels

Diabetics and those who are at risk of having it may benefit a lot from moderate consumption of pulasan because of its being a good source of dietary fiber. The said nutrient helps in managing glucose levels by regulating the amount of sugar that is released into the bloodstream.

It Assists in Weight Loss, Too

Pulasan is also ideal for anyone who is trying to lose weight. That’s because its dietary fiber content makes it feel heavy on the stomach, and this can help in warding off seconds and hunger pangs. Just see to it that you pair the intake of pulasan with other healthy foods and regular exercise, too, for you to see results.

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