Health Benefits of Rollinia

There is a very popular fruit in Hawaii called rollinia. Are you familiar with custard apple? Well, rollinia is related to it — they belong to the family Annonaceae. If you are interested to know more about it, continue reading. And kindly share this article on your various social media sites to let everyone you care about get acquainted with it, too!

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Because it is related to custard apple, rollinia kind of tastes and looks like that, although it is covered with horns rather than bumps. Rollinia is commonly picked when its skin is already yellowish, which is a sign that it is ready for harvesting. Once picked, however, it will continue to ripen.

Rollinia is commonly eaten as it is, but it’s not unlikely for it to be turned into juice, shake or smoothie. A lot of people like to turn it into ice cream. In some areas of the planet, rollinia is fermented and made into wine. But other than consuming it, traditional healers also employ it for reducing fever and relieving internal irritations.

While it’s true that rollinia is very popular in Hawaii since the time it was first recorded in the 1930s, experts say that it actually originated in the Amazon. It’s for this reason why it is also very popular today in various South American countries such as Brazil and Peru. Rollinia is widely available in Argentina and Mexico, too.

Now that we are more familiar with rollinia, it’s time to check out some of the benefits to enjoy for consuming it:

A Stronger Immune System

Vitamin C is one of the key nutrients in every serving of rollinia, and that is why the regular intake of this tropical fruit can help lower your risk of infections such as the common cold and flu. Especially when it’s that time of the year when everybody tends to end up sick, you can be protected by eating rollinia and other vitamin C-rich fruits.

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Reduced Risk of Cancer

Since it is capable of strengthening your immune system, rollinia may also help keep deadly cancer from striking. The phenomenal amounts of antioxidants in this fruit also assist in keeping the big C at bay — antioxidants reduce oxidative stress, something that is linked by health experts to cancer development.

Regulated Bowel Movement

The consumption of rollinia allows your body to get plenty of fiber that offers a number of health perks, and one of those is regular evacuation of the bowels. Keeping constipation away is also something that can lower your risk of piles. The inclusion of rollinia and other fiber-rich foods in your everyday diet may lower colon cancer risk, too.

Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Rollinia supplies the body with potassium, a mineral known to have the ability to dilate or widen the blood vessels. As a result, the blood pressure is lowered to within the normal range. If you are told by your doctor that you need to control your blood pressure to ward off heart disease, make sure that you eat potassium-containing fruits such as rollinia.

Tougher Bones and Teeth

Calcium is also present in each serving of rollinia. Because of this, regularly including it in your diet can help lower your risk of ending up with osteoporosis — a condition which is characterized by the weakening of the bones. Needless to say, consuming rollinia can also strengthen your pearly whites due to its calcium content.

If you have family members or friends who love including fruits in their everyday diet because they know it’s good for the body, get them acquainted, too, with rollinia by reposting this article on your different social media sites!

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