Health-Care Basics: Spend or Save?

We all have essential health care items that we need every day. If your go to the department store you’ll notice a price difference on these health care basics. What is the difference between the expensive toothbrush to the cheap one? Which item should I splurge on or save?

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Here is a comprehensive list of these items you should or shouldn’t spend on:


Pedometers that you can find on free weight loss cereals or kiddie meals aren’t accurate at all. It is made of a flimsy material that wears out easily. Buying expensive calorie burning, distance and speed pedometers aren’t good either. These full featured expensive ones can cause inaccuracies.


Toothbrushes don’t really depend on the price, but the material. There are cheap toothbrushes that are made with great material and there are expensive ones that can damage the teeth. Pick a toothbrush that has soft nylon bristles. Toothbrushes are replaced every three months, so it’s advisable to purchase a cheaper toothbrush. If you prefer electric toothbrushes pick one that has an oscillating-rotating bristles.

Dental Floss

Regular inexpensive floss is okay for some people, but if you have fillings or closed space teeth opt for a more expensive snag resistant floss to avoid damage.

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Heating Pads

If the water bottle method doesn’t work for you, a standard heating pad is an easy choice. Pick a pad for the size, two temperature settings and cotton cover. The heating pad should be enough to cover the small of your back and around your ankle. A cotton cover protects the skin from too much heat. Two temperature settings because there are sensitive parts of the body that can’t handle high levels of heat.


Avoid the old mercury thermometer and opt for a regular digital thermometer. Pick a thermometer that has a 15 second or less reading time and backlit display.


A standard humidifier is enough to keep your house smelling like rose petals. The only thing that may affect your choice of humidifier is the temperature. A humidifier that spit out a warm mist should not be used at home where pets and children can reach. If you use water that is high in mineral opt for expensive vaporizer. When you use high mineral water on humidifiers, mineral particles in the air, causing irritation of the lung.

Reading Glasses

Cheap or budgeted glasses are as effective as those that cost a lot more. If you have wide eyes or narrow ones, simple budgeted ones will be uncomfortable. This budgeted glass will not damage your eyes, though, but it can cause headaches if it’s not the right fit. Opt for prescription glasses if budgeted ones don’t fit you.

Now you know how to pick between expensive and regular basic health care items. Remember that not all expensive things are a must have and not all cheap things are an easy choice.

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