Health Issues Linked to Intake of Energy Drinks

Do you love energy drinks and you cannot live without them? Then this article is made exclusively for you — it will tell you some health-related issues that you may get from consuming them all the time.

If you have family and friends who are never seen without energy drinks in their hands, make sure that you share this article on your various social media sites later on so that they may know that they’re at risk of encountering the following:

Weight Gain

It’s no secret that energy drinks are loaded with caffeine so that they may be able to increase the energy levels of those who consume them. However, there is another ingredient in energy drinks that allow them to provide anyone a boost in energy, and that’s none other than sugar.

Sugar is packed with calories, and that is why you may end up gaining unnecessary weight if you consume energy drinks a lot and you’re not getting enough physical activity.

Increased Blood Sugar

Because energy drinks are actually teeming with sugar, it’s not unlikely for someone who is hooked on them to end up with increased levels of sugar in the bloodstream. This is a very serious matter as having elevated blood sugar is regarded as one of the various risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

There are a couple of things about type 2 diabetes that make it clear that it should not be taken lightly. First, there is no cure available for it. Second, there are many health complications associated with it.


Everybody knows that caffeine has stimulating properties. Sadly, not a lot of people are aware that caffeine has diuretic properties, too, which only means that it has the ability to drive water out of the body by encouraging the kidneys to produce more urine. This is the reason why energy drinks can cause dehydration.

No one should make the mistake of quenching the thirst with energy drinks — this will only leave him or her even thirstier as a result of dehydration. When thirsty, reach for a glass of water.

Anxiety and Stress

Someone who is diagnosed with anxiety disorder may have an attack after consuming energy drinks as their caffeine content can cause physical symptoms that can trigger anxious thoughts to come into being.

Caffeine has the ability to increase a person’s energy levels as it encourages the production of stress hormones. Needless to say, having stress hormones in your bloodstream can leave your body stressed. It’s for this reason why you may end up even more stressed out if you couple your stressful lifestyle with regular intake of energy drinks.


Especially if energy drinks are taken a few hours before bedtime, it’s not unlikely for you to fail to have a good night’s sleep — it doesn’t really come as a surprise as caffeine is a stimulating chemical, and thus it is capable of you wide awake at night for as long as it’s in your body.

As a general rule of thumb, anything with caffeine should no longer be taken about 6 hours before bedtime to ensure that very little to no caffeine are present in the bloodstream when it’s already time to take a trip to dreamland.

Heart Palpitations

Some of the most terrifying side effects of consuming energy drinks and others that have loads of caffeine in them are palpitations that can make the heart seem to race, pound, flutter or skip a beat.

According to cardiologists, heart palpitations are harmless most of the time — they go away on their own once the levels of caffeine in the bloodstream drop. However, heart palpitations could be dangerous for individuals who are suffering from cardiovascular disease — heart palpitations may increase heart attack or stroke risk.


In some cases, headaches due to energy drink consumption can be blamed on introducing high amounts of caffeine into the system — some people tend to end up with a nasty headache after glugging down something loaded with caffeine.

There are cases in which the resulting headaches can stem from caffeine withdrawal. This is most especially true if those headaches started showing up the moment that the individual who’s used to consuming lots of energy suddenly stopped taking them. The solution? Gradually cutting back on the intake of energy drinks.

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