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Health Problems from Wearing Heels

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Heels are one of those great inventions that make anything look fabulous, but is a torture device at the same time. Podiatrist have a distinct hatred for heels and the health problems it brings to the wearer. We wear heels as part of our professional attire or for fashion, but at the end of the day we all slump up on our sofa saying “my feet is killing me”. Who knows why we still allow ourselves to go through this torture, but wearing heels does make you feel a little bit more powerful.

Human feet are not designed to wear heels all the time. Our feet are designed at a 90 degree angle to fully support our frame, altering it to a 60 or 45 degree angle will alter the foot function and position causing health problems. Below are some of the health problems you will encounter from wearing heels overtime.


  • Heels will increase the pressure on your forefoot and making you adjust your posture to maintain balance. Your lower body will tend to lean forward as your lower body leans backward. Long period of keeping this position will affect the posture.


  • The back and spine have a normal S- curve that helps absorb shock and lessen pressure on the spine. Wearing heels will flatten this structure and alter the body’s positioning. This poor alignment will cause you to use more muscles, causing muscle pain and back pain. Posterior displacement can be fixed with the help of a medical professional.
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Toe Pain and Ankle Pain

  • Wearing heels will increase the pressure that your toes and ankle face. Trying to balance out your body structure while wearing heels can wear down the joints in your ankles and cause muscles inflammation and calluses on the feet and toes.

Corns and Keratin Build-up

  • Corns and Keratin build-up will start to appear on the feet due to the pressure on the skin. Corn usually appears under the balls of the foot where most of the weight is pressed down. This corns will feel like small rocks and can cause discomfort.


  • Pinched nerves or neuromas can cause mild to severe pain to wearers in the future, leaving it untreated can cause severe damage in the future.

Crack on the Bones

  • Wearing heels for a long period of time will result in cracks in the bones of the feet and stress fractures.


  • Choose low heels that have a slightly thicker heel. This will allow more balance and spread the pressure on your feet.
  • Wear soft insoles. Wear rubber soled shoes instead of leather, this will absorb pressure better.
  • Wear heels when there is limited standing or walking. Bring flat shoes when commuting or walking for a long period of time.
  • Stretch every day, especially leg and calf stretches in the morning and at night.
  • Take in calcium supplements to make the bones stronger.
  • Wear heels are seldom as possible.
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Heels can make any look fabulous, but the health problems it can bring to the body can be alarming. Taking care of your feet and allowing it to rest and recuperate from wearing heels for a long period of time is important. Talk to your podiatrist about prevention measure you can take to prevent these health problems.

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