Health Risks of Sugar

It cannot be denied that sugar feels fantastic in the mouth. However, it’s no secret that consuming too much of it can leave your health and weight in shambles. There is really no need for you to completely steer clear of this white and saccharine powder just to stay in the pink of health. In fact, experts say that women can have around 6 teaspoons of it per day. For men, that’s 9 teaspoons daily. Read on to know why consuming more than the said amounts is not good for you.

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It Ruins Your Heart Muscles

Researches have shown that a particular type of molecule from sugar called glucose metabolite glucose 6-phosphate (G6P) can cause changes the muscle of the heart, in particular its protein composition. This has a negative impact on the organ’s efficient pumping mechanism, thus considerably increasing your chances of having heart failure.

Sugar Causes the Waistline to Expand

Obesity is a serious medical condition that affects adults and kids alike. It’s quite noticeable that many people who suffer from it tend to accumulate fatty deposits in the belly area more than anywhere else in their bodies. Experts believe that one of the primary reasons for this is the fact that the current market is teeming with beverages that are packed with sugar.

Too Much of It Can Cause Cancer

Consuming sugar in excessive amounts is one of the culprits behind chronic inflammation. Having chronic inflammation is something that you wouldn’t want to happen because it is known to set off all sorts of health problems, from acne to diabetes. Chronic inflammation is also said to make an individual more predisposed to end up suffering from cancer.

It’s Bad for the Liver

Researches have shown that having too much sugar can actually have a damaging effect on the chief organ elimination of your body, the liver. In fact, experts who were involved with those investigations said that sugar and alcohol are very much comparable to each other as both, in excessive amounts, have the same kind of toxic effects on the liver.

Sugar Makes You Age Quicker

As earlier mentioned, the consumption of too much sugar can trigger chronic inflammation. One of the problems this health issue is said to cause is accelerated aging. Loading up on food products packed with sugar can make you look older than your age. Experts have found out that the aging effect of sugar is not just skin-deep as it also impacts the brain cells.

Making better food choices is the secret to steering clear of all these negative effects of having too much sugar. Even though some researches say that addiction to it may be genetic, it’s something that you can defy. Before you place any item in your shopping cart, remember to read the label because sugar tends to hide in so many food products these days.

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