Healthy and Non-boring Butter Alternatives! (Vegan-friendly!)

I just really want to mention first of all that I am a proud omnivore that is a lover of all types of food and animals and I still find vegetarian and vegan food just as delicious.  I care for animals and I think meat can be eaten and is meant to be eaten, but it is the humans who mistreat the animals who are the problem not the meat-eating itself!  Meat production can just be so abused.  The world resources and economic state is more balanced with humans helping animal populations.  Also a lot of animals are already bred and meant to reproduce a lot for food and are helpless in the wild- so they need our care.  Happy and abused animals taste different and of course the happy ones taste better.  I also believe that we should eat more vegetable altogether but not eating animals will throw a lot of people’s body off balance along with imbalance of the ecological state.

In other words I am an omnivore who just happens to approve of the vegan way of replacing certain, unnecessarily unhealthy ingredients.  I do not totally agree with my vegan friends but I definitely approve of the way they make desserts!  Desserts do not need white sugar, butter and all that glutinous flour, but this also applies to savory cooking of course.  There are so many tasty and interesting plant fats out there.  Butter is delicious but can be abused and limiting, other fats give moisture, sheen and some amount of greasiness that we like and butter is not always in the spot light.

  • Avocados

Replacing buttered toast with avocado toast is like choosing to add more to your life than less.  A but of butter won’t hurt but people tend to put spoonfuls of it in their meals.  Avocado toast with egg, tomatoes or just plain red pepper flakes is packed with good fats, fiber and minerals.  Top it off with olive oil to finish it and make the eating experience perfectly simple.  Avocados are great in baked goods too, sweeteners and other flavorings can definitely mask its mild, bitter taste but chocolate goes well with more bitter avocados.

  • Coconut Cooking Oil

Healthier than other pale cooking oils and contributes a clean, mildly coconut-y flavor.  Coconut oil instead of canola or other harmful, cheap vegetable oils is a life saver because many do not know that a lot of their health problems may stem from the cooking oil they frequently use.  Coconut oil burns at a high temperature compared to virgin olive oils and butter.  Tastes great with chicken, pork and seafood.

  • Olive Oil

Take note that extra virgin and virgin olive oils burn at a low temperature making them smell and taste unpleasantly bitter.  Olive oil is green gold and the virgin oils are meant more for finishing a dish as a garnish, the olive oil tastes best this way too.  Pomace is the cheapest and sturdier kind of olive oil- the last press, this is what you should use for heavier cooking instead and olive oil frying.

  • Ripe Bananas for Desserts

Bananas contribute a crazy amount of moisture to baked things but do beware, if you are not making banana bread use another moist fruit or use bananas that are more mildly flavored.

  • Applesauce

One of the most used ingredients of vegans in desserts because it contributes moisture and an eggy feel, it is like it doubles as an egg substitute as well and adds a fruit, mild sweetness.

  • Yogurt

Another substance that is not purely oil yet adds so much moisture and softness.  It’s slight tang and neutral taste when unsweetened is great for both savory and sweet baked goods and is a great side dish for spicy foods.  Mix yogurt with spices, onions and cucumbers and maybe have spicy cumin beef with it.

  • Nut Butters

Nuts are rich and butter is already rich so might as well try it out.  At least nut butter is more nutritious, replacing your butter with nut butter can help lower risks brought by habits of overeating.  Also it packs solid energy, so if you work out after having nut products you make the best use of it.

  • Squash, pumpkin or sweet potato puree

These beautiful, sunny veggies are a hit when boiled to a mush with added seasoning, cream and olive oil.  They can also go in savory muffin batters.

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