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Going Mango Crazy: The Health Benefits

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One of the most famous fruit in the market is mangoes. It’s a cooling breakfast, a sweet snack, a thirst quenching smoothie and it goes great with recipes. Mangoes are versatile and is considered one of the “super foods” because of all of its Nutritional Benefits.

Nutritional Contents of Mangoes:

  • Richest source of Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin A
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • Fiber
  • Nutritional Benefits of Mango
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin K
  • Iron
  • Vitamin E
  • Magnesium
  • Antioxidants
  • Phytochemicals
  • Carbohydrates
  • And more

Mangoes are low in calories, per 100 grams you only consume 60 calories and  it is also la dent of health benefits. Below are some of the worth mention benefits of mangoes in your diet.

Health Benefits

Vitamin C found in mangoes are great for curing acne and pimples. You can directly apply it on the skin, since it works as an all natural moisturizer. Mangoes are rich in antioxidant that prevents harmful free radicals, pigmentation and signs of aging. Vitamin A and beta carotene are known to for skin health, it makes the skin brighter, younger and  glowing.

Cancer Prevention

Mangoes are rich in cancer fighting ingredients. Antioxidants, flavonoids,  Lupeol, Vitamin A, Pectin, fiber, Beta-Cryptoxanthin, beta and alpha-carotene are known for cancer prevention. The antioxidants present in mangoes are Gallic acid, mthygallat, quercetin, firsetin and more. All of this cancer fighting contents in mangoes can protect the body from free radicals and restrict the oxidation of cells in the body.  It also stops a protein called Galectin 9 in cancer cell growth.  Mangoes can prevent  lung, oral, colon and prostate cancer.

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Food that is rich in fiber are known to help with digestion, clean digestive tracts and regular bowel movements. Mangoes like its fellow tropical fruits are rich in fiber and bio-active compounds. These compounds are important against indigestion. Mangoes work well with an acidic stomach because it is a known alkaline that counters acidity.

Aid for Diabetes

Mangoes are sweet, but has a low glycemic index, which makes it harmless for the blood sugar level. They are in fact known to help regulate blood sugar level, polyphenols can reduce the sugar level in the body. The antioxidant mangiferin in mangoes can reduce the glucose absorption and controls enzymes’ that increases carbohydrate digestion.

Weight Loss

Fruits are always a must for dieters everywhere. Not only is it healthy it is also low in calories! A fruit that you must incorporate into your diet is mangoes. It is rich in fiber, helps with digestion and jump starts metabolism. Mangoes don’t contain fat and sodium that increases water retention.  Mangoes are great for keeping the stomach fuller longer.

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Anemia Prevention

People who are anemic are low in iron. Mangoes are a high source of Iron that can prevent anemia. It is also great for pregnant women and for people who need to increase their red blood cell count.

Improves Immunity:

Mangoes are rich in antioxidants and minerals that boost the immune system. It can help in restricting cell damage and microbial attacks.

Lowering Cholesterol

Mangoes are great for lowering bad cholesterol in the blood. The pectin and Vitamin C in mangoes can reduce low density lipoprotein cholesterol. It also prevents leptin from producing fat cells. Polyphenic antioxidants in mangoes can decrease fat build up in the arteries.  Mangierin compound present in mango is known to decrease LDL cholesterol and increase high density lipoprotein cholesterol.

Eye Health

Vitamin-A present in mangoes works well with eye health. It can prevent dry eyes and night blindness.

Works as a Coolant

Mangoes works great as a coolant. Drinking mango juice in the summer can prevent heat strokes. Consuming raw mangoes provides the needed minerals and nutrients, especially during summer or drought.

Memory and Brain Health

This yummy fruit is a great substitute to processed foods.  Mangoes are delicious and is great for the brain. It is rich in Vitamin B6 that is known for its brain enhancing powers. This vitamin can maintain the nervous system and functions  as a stress controller, energy booster and mood enhancer.  Mangoes can also improve memory and concentration. It also supportive in producing GABA hormones that are neurotransmitter that helps in brain development.

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