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Tidbits You’d Never Guess about Bananas

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The banana is huge a part of probably everyone’s lives. It was introduced in the earliest parts of a person’s life. It was one of the first solid foods our tummies ever worked on.

These facts might make you think you know everything about bananas. Think again.

Here are the tidbits you could have never guessed about bananas.

Cleansing with Fiber

A much needed 5 grams of fiber per serving are sourced from bananas. Lower cholesterol is gained and blood sugar levels are sustained because of fibers. A woman needs to ingest at least 30 grams of fiber to stay fit. Digestion is improved with fibers. They help in solidifying stool making bananas a good choice for those suffering from diarrhea.

Don’t Get Down with Depression

Symptoms of depression and anxiety are managed with bananas. Serotonin needs amino acid tryptophan to be produced. Mood and emotion regulation are managed by using serotonins. Raised serotonins in the brain mean lower chances of depression. Some studies would even claim that a depressed mood is handled well with one banana.

Regulate Blood Pressure

Potassium regulates sodium in the body. This results to lower blood pressure. One to two bananas a day lowers blood pressure up to three points, according to some studies.

Besides this, clogged arteries are helped with bananas, decreasing the chances of stroke and increasing the health of the heart.

Potassium in bananas help those who are trying to quit smoking. Potassium lowers the levels of nicotine in the body.

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Boost Your Energy

Bananas have two times the amount of carbohydrates that apples have. Endurance and energy boost utilize carbohydrates. It is advised for gym fanatics to eat bananas before a rigid work out.

A ninety minute workout is fueled with two bananas. If you need some push for a sleepy afternoon, a banana is just what you need.

Maintain Low-Calorie Intake

Depending on the size, a banana can contain 72 calories up to 120 calories according to OfficialHealth.org. Bananas have a small amount of saturated fat. It has zero cholesterol. Chomping down bananas keep you full while maintain low calorie consumption

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