Healthy Seafood to Eat (Continuation…)

Salmon (the wild kind)

Coho and sockeye, along with other kinds, has three times the recommended minimum dose of omega-3. With a mercury count of 0.01ppm and a huge 1.6 grams of nutrition value, salmon is a good choice for a fish dish. One serving gives you 72 percent of the recommended 55-mcg of selenium.

Orange roughy

Although it contains just 0.02 grams of omega-3 and a big 0.06 ppm of mercury, it contains a high dose of protein and selenium. You can always have this once a month.

Skipjack tuna

Skipjack tuna has 72 percent of the recommended selenium intake and 0.3 grams of omega 3. It also contains 93 percent of vitamin B12. It comes with 0.2 ppm of mercury. Eat this four times in a month at most.

Canned tuna (light)

It contains mercury at 0.12 ppm but it has 0.2 grams of omega 3s and a good 75 percent of Niacin and over 100 percent of the much needed selenium and B12.

Cod (from the Pacific)

You may eat this twice a week as it contains 0.01 ppm of mercury. In an 89 calorie serving, it gives 72 percent of selenium and has two times the amount of omega 3 than an Atlantic Cod.


Being a good source of omega 3 at 0.4 grams and niacin at 40 percent of the recommended amount, Halibut is one fish should not miss. It also has 72 percent of the selenium you need at an 89 calorie serving.


With just 0.03ppm of mercury, it offers over 50 percent of B12 RDA, 63 percent of selenium, and offers 0.2 grams of omega 3.


Tilapia resembles a catfish. It has 0.01 ppm of mercury and contains 84 percent of the daily recommended amount of selenium and 79 percent of the daily recommended amount of B12.


Those on a diet will embrace shrimps as they contain a slim amount of 84 calories in one serving. It contains 0.3 grams of the healthy omega 3s. It stays at the safe level of 0.05 mercury ppm. One thing you should take note of is its cholesterol content (166mg). If you’re one that monitors your cholesterol intake, do not consume this more than once a week.

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