Helpful Tips to Aiding Baby’s Brain Development

Your baby’s development hasn’t stopped the moment he or she formed in your belly. And although their developmental stage speeds up during the early stages of their life, it will slow down but will not stop. Of course, as a parent, it is your responsibility to guide and nurture your little one as much as possible. How will you be able to do this? If this is your first time to become a parent, there are many ups and downs that you are going to go through, so before you pull at your hair, why not try these tips out first.

Stimulating baby’s vision

During the first few months of your baby’s life, eye-to-eye contact helps in strengthening their eyes. Also, this technique teaches them to recognize faces and facial expressions too. Researchers say that this method teaches your baby ways to solve problems as well as interacting with you too.

Respond when your baby cries

Babies tend to cry when they are hungry, scared, or they feel something unusual. To help with your baby’s brain development, make sure that you respond to their cries as soon as possible. Don’t let them cry too long as this can affect their mental and emotional state. Hold, cuddle, and talk to your baby in soothing tones as much as possible as this will help them recognize the comfort that you are providing them with.

Introduce cause and effect

If your baby has turned a year or two older, showing them cause and effect will help them understand the pros and cons of their actions. Start by saying something and doing it to show that you mean what you say. It also enforces the fact that they will not get everything that they want which is healthy for them in the long run.

Create trust

Another technique that can help you with your baby’s brain development is to build trust early on. Your baby will be more exploratory, and willing to discover and learn new things when they have a sense of trust in you. It is important that you respond to your baby’s actions as much as possible. Make it a point to respond consistently to re-enforce the behavior that you want them to have.

Skip the TV

Some parents have the tendency to leave the TV on while their baby is with them in the hopes that it will keep their little one entertained. Although this works all the time, the downside to this is that you are not creating any bond with your baby because of it. Studies show that those whose kids are exposed to television at such an early age do poorly at school because of short attention span.

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