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Helpful Tips to Following a No Sugar Diet

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If you are going to take a closer look at your diet, you will find that you’ve been eating quite a lot of sugar for an adult. Well, we are all guilty from this habit of ours, and it is high time that we curb our consumption of sugar-rich foods. The no-sugar diet is getting plenty of attention recently especially for those who wish to lose weight or want to improve their overall health.

Why Reduce Sugar Consumption?

There are several reasons why you should cut back on your sugar such as:

  • Reduce heart disease
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Prevents type 2 diabetes
  • Support oral health
  • Retain healthy weight

When you replace your favorite treats with healthier options, such as fruits and vegetables, you will be able to absorb more nutrients that can help you achieve better overall health.

How to Follow a No-Sugar Diet?

It is understandable that your sweet tooth is going to rebel from your sudden change of heart when it comes to eating sweets, and although it is quite tempting to slide back to your old habits of picking cakes and donuts to satisfy your hunger, you might want to follow these tips instead.

Start slow

The first thing that you should consider when switching to a no-sugar diet is that you shouldn’t go cold turkey if you are not yet ready. A better way to do this diet is to start slow. Cut back slowly on your sugar intake until you finally eliminate all the sugary stuff from your diet.

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Have more protein

Since you will be following a no-sugar diet, you might want to start your day with something filling, like protein, to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Not only will this keep you from becoming hungry, you’re sugar cravings will be stopped immediately too. Think egg muffins that have bacon, sausage, or hams, or even green smoothies.

Read the labels

It may be that you are able to navigate yourself away from the bagels and muffins that you usually pair your morning coffee with lately, but if you are not reading labels on products when you buy groceries, it is likely that you are getting your sugar from other foods. Keep in mind that sugar will not be written as sugar in the labels, but rather its other names like cane sugar, agave syrup, and corn syrup just to name a few. If you really want to avoid eating sugar, it’s important that you are aware of the different names of sugar, so you will know what to avoid when you buy food.

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Get antioxidants

Another tip when it comes to your no-sugar diet is to look for foods that are high in antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables. It would be a good idea to add more vegetables and fruits on your plate during lunch and dinner. Think whole grains paired with proteins and vitamins and minerals too and you’ll have a feast on your hands.

Avoid liquid sugar

Sugar is not only found in grocery products, but it is also found in soda, juice, and other beverages which we are fond of drinking. You may not be aware of this, but the soda that you are drinking regularly is actually laden with sugar which can cause your blood sugar to spike. When it comes to no-sugar diet, it is best that you avoid these kinds of drinks as much as possible.

Learning to curb your sugar intake is one way for you to help keep your weight down, and to keep you safe from sugar-related health disorders.

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