Helpful Tips to Keep From Getting Sick

As we move into prime flu season, I want to share with you what I do to stay well. A key part of my success and happiness is that I seldom get sick and I believe it is because of the little things I do that keep me feeling good. When you understand how viruses and germs are spread, there is a lot you can do to keep yourself healthy.

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Here are 15 tips to help you feel good, look good, and stay well. As you will see, it’s all about playing the odds and reducing your risks.

1. Wash your hands frequently.

Since your hands are the main carriers of viruses and germs, make it a habit to wash them often, especially EVERY time you use the restroom.

2. Carry anti-bacteria hand cleaner in your car, briefcase, or purse.

This is the best way to sanitize your hands when water and soap are not available.

3. Maintain a strong immune system.

You are most susceptible to catching something you don’t want when your immune system is weak. Getting your rest, exercising, eating healthy foods, and drinking plenty of water will help in keeping your immune system strong.

4. Avoid picking your nose or teeth or rubbing your eyes.

Those are the main entry points of viruses and germs. Keep toothpicks available for your teeth and soft facial tissues to rub your eyes, nose, or face.

5. Take vitamin C daily.

Almost every day, 365 days a year, I take vitamin C. As my doctor told me, “Vitamin C is like little Kung Fu fighters, fighting the bad guys in your body.” When there are more bad guys in your body than good guys you lose the battle and get sick.

6. Avoid touching rails, banisters, and other public objects.

The more frequently you touch things everyone else is touching, the more likely you are to get sick.

7. Avoid opening public doors with your hands.

If the door is one you can push to open, then gently push it with your foot if there is a foot guard or with your shoulder or elbow.

8. Be careful of doorknobs.

They are the ultimate carrier of germs. When in a public restroom, keep the paper towel used to dry your hands to open the door. Then while holding the door open with your foot, throw the towel away.

9. Don’t touch public toilets.

I seldom touch a public toilet with any part of my body for many reasons. Use toilet paper or a paper towel to flush manual toilets.

10. Don’t shake the hands of a sick person.

Greet these people with a nod of the head and a friendly smile. If you must shake a sick person’s hand, wash your hands or use your anti-bacteria cleaner, as soon as you can.

11. Don’t get too close, hug, or kiss people who are sick.

The closer you get to them, the greater your odds are of getting sick.

12. Be aware when you must touch public objects.

If I am pressing an elevator button, I use my knuckle because I am less likely to touch my mouth, eyes or nose with my knuckle. If I have to grab a long door handle, I touch the spot most people don’t touch.

13. Don’t share drinks and foods.

This also means no licking their ice cream cones.

14. Review this list with your children.

You are more likely to stay healthy, if your children are healthy. You may also want to consider giving a copy of this list to your co-workers for the same reason.

15. Immediately attack cold and flu symptoms.

When I sense a cold is brewing, I immediately go into attack mode and start consuming 1000 mg of vitamin C every couple hours along with other immune-boosting supplements. I drink a lot of water and make sure I get a good night’s rest. In 95 percent of these cases, the flu or cold symptoms go away within 24 hours. I also go into attack mode if I am around a sick person for an extended period of time.

The benefits of staying healthy go beyond the obvious. When feeling good, you are more able to fulfill your responsibilities at home and at work. By being concerned about your own well-being, you show respect to those with whom you live and work. Staying well also plays a big part of your happiness and overall satisfaction in life.

Please take a couple minutes and share any tips you have found helpful in keeping yourself healthy during flu season. (Please do not mention any products by their brand name.)

We human beings are guilty of spreading most of the germs and viruses. By being aware of the ways in which the germs and viruses can be passed on to others, we can avoid being a part of the sickness cycle.

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