Herbal Teas That Help Alleviate Canker Sores

Unlike cold sores, canker sores are not contagious and do not appear outside of the mouth. However, this doesn’t make them any less of a nuisance! If you are often pestered by annoying canker sores, continue reading. This article will tell you some herbal teas that can help you attain relief from the symptoms that canker sores bring.

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Canker sores usually go away on their own — they tend to heal anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. And also, they do not appear on the lips or anywhere else but only inside your mouth. Because of this fact, canker sores can make your day-to-day living a very challenging one as it can interfere with your eating, drinking, taking, laughing and kissing!

There is no pharmaceutical remedy that can make those blasted canker sores go away much faster, although there are various things that may be done to help in lessening the pain and discomfort they bring. Some of the best ones include the use of herbal teas that are proven to help in controlling canker sore symptoms.

So how do you employ herbal teas to help lessen the impact of canker sores on your everyday living? You may drink a cup of them, making sure that they come into contact with your canker sores. However, it’s a good idea to refrain from consuming herbal teas that are simply too hot — they can make matters worse, actually.

Then you may also daub a little of the herbal tea on the canker sore or gargle with it if you are not really fond of consuming these healthy beverages. Allow the herbal tea to stay in your mouth for a couple of minutes for best results. And lastly, you may place a moist herbal tea bag on the canker sore to attain immediate relief from it.

Here are some herbal teas that are superb at alleviating canker sores:

Sage Tea

Traditional healers recommend rinsing the mouth with strong sage tea in order to attain relief from canker sores. The same solution is often suggested for dealing with sore throat and bleeding gums. What makes sage tea effective for canker sores and other mouth problems is the fact that it has astringent and antiseptic properties.

Wild Geranium Tea

Another herbal tea with amazing astringent properties is wild geranium tea. This herbal tea can come in very handy if you happen to accidentally bite on your canker sore and it ends up bleeding — consuming or gargling with it can help in putting the bleeding to an end, especially if it’s chilled first.

Chamomile Tea

Popular among stressed out or anxious people, chamomile tea is also a very good home remedy for canker sores. All you have to do is slowly consume a cup of it to lessen pain associated with canker sores. Especially if you take this specific herbal tea prior to hitting the hay, it can help you catch some Z’s despite of the pain.

Licorice Tea

One more herbal tea that you can count on at bedtime is licorice tea. Because it is capable of soothing a painful canker sore, it can make it so much easier for you to have a good night’s sleep. Actually, numerous studies in the past found out that gargling with mouthwash containing licorice tea allowed for faster recovery from canker sores.

Echinacea Tea

The intake of echinacea tea is known to help boost the immune system. It’s exactly for this reason why the consumption of this herbal drink is a great idea if you are being bugged by annoying canker sores — it activates your immune system, allowing your body to completely heal those canker sores in no time.

Canker Root Tea

Finally, there is canker root tea that can help you attain much-needed relief from canker sores. The name itself pretty much says that it’s very good at dealing with those pesky ulcerations in the mouth. Whether you drink or use it as mouthwash, canker root tea is said to help reduce pain and accelerate the healing process.

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