Herbal Teas That Help Deal With Leg Cramps

More often than not, leg cramps are nothing serious. However, they can still leave you in a great deal of pain and also cause the affected muscles of the legs to feel kind of swollen for several hours after. If you are prone to having leg cramps, you’ll be glad to know that the intake certain herbal teas can help in keeping them at bay.

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Leg cramps are usually due to prolonged and intense exercise — the stress that the muscles in the legs go through can leave them contracting involuntarily. Dehydration is another common cause for leg cramps, and replenishing lost fluids is something that can help keep it from striking.

Have you ever roused from sleep because of a very painful leg cramp that usually involves the muscles of the calf? That’s called nighttime or nocturnal leg cramps, and they may also happen to the muscles in your thighs or feet. Aging, pregnancy and the intake of certain medications are the usual reasons behind it.

Experts say that there are a variety of herbal teas that can help in keeping at bay leg cramps. No matter if your leg muscles end up cramping during or after exercise or while you are sleeping, see which of the following herbal teas can make such benign yet very painful and annoying issue go away:

Chamomile Tea

Ever wondered why chamomile tea is great for dealing with stress, anxiety and insomnia? Well, it’s because it has the ability to relax the muscles, and this is exactly why consuming it several times a day can help keep muscle cramps at bay. You may also massage diluted chamomile essential oil on cramping muscles to attain relief.

Lavender Tea

Another excellent relaxer of the muscles is lavender tea, and that’s why it can lend a hand in the fight against muscle cramps. Especially if the problem commonly strikes while you’re in dreamland, consuming lavender tea prior to hitting the hay can be very beneficial. You may also massage lavender essential oil on your cramping muscles.

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Rosemary Tea

The consumption of rosemary tea is undeniably able to help keep leg cramps to a minimum. Aside from taking advantage of it in tea form, you may also rely on rosemary essential oil by adding a few drops of it in your bathwater — soaking in it helps relieve the soreness that commonly goes after having leg cramps.

Ginger Tea

It’s no secret that ginger tea is a phenomenal home remedy for indigestion and nausea. Did you know that it also helps prevent muscle cramps from showing up? Aside from leg cramps, ginger tea is also known to help combat abdominal cramps, so it’s the perfect herbal tea for women who are often bugged by various PMS symptoms.

Celery Tea

Because it is loaded with antioxidants and minerals, every cup of celery tea can help keep muscle cramps at bay. It’s the perfect post-workout herbal drink if you are prone to having muscle cramps after exercising, and also a wonderful nighttime beverage if leg cramps tend to keep you from having a good night’s sleep.

Goldenrod Tea

Traditional healers usually recommend goldenrod tea for individuals who are often bugged by leg cramps. However, the perks offered by this herbal tea do not start and end there. Not too many people are aware that goldenrod tea is excellent for keeping the kidneys and heart in superb shape. It’s also commonly taken to relieve excess gas.

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