Herbal Teas That Help Relieve Gastritis

The inflammation of the stomach’s lining is referred to as gastritis. It’s important to have it managed effectively in order to keep at bay complications, some of which include the development of ulcers and, in rare instances, cancer of the stomach. One of the ways of having gastritis put under control is the intake of certain herbal teas.

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Stress, infection and poor eating habits — these are some of the most common reasons why gastritis develops. In some cases, it is brought about by the intake of certain pain medications, consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol, and eating disorders. Gastritis, by the way, can be acute or chronic.

Having gastritis can leave you in a great deal of pain, which can sometimes be burning or pricking. However, there are people who have gastritis but do not experience any symptom at all, making the problem concerning the stomach go unnoticed and untreated, until such time that various complications develop.

Because gastritis can lead to complications, many of which can be very serious, it’s very important for it to be treated by a doctor. Other than the treatment course a doctor recommends, there are also certain things that a person with gastritis may do at home to have the condition improved, such as the intake of these herbal teas:

Ginger Tea

This herbal tea that is commonly taken for dealing with nausea or indigestion naturally may also be employed for relieving gastritis. Ginger tea possesses amazing anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritation of the lining of the stomach. And since an upset stomach is a common gastritis symptom, a cup of ginger tea can be very helpful.

Peppermint Tea

Another herbal tea perfect for managing various digestive issues may also be used for dealing with gastritis, and that’s peppermint tea. Just like ginger tea, this herbal drink possesses the ability to control inflammation effectively. Pain due to gastritis may also be relieved with the consumption of peppermint tea.

Oregano Tea

Traditional healers often recommend oregano tea for managing all sorts of respiratory problems. The same herbal tea may also actually be taken for relieving gastritis. Oregano tea is great for the said issue concerning the stomach because it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help in the healing process.

Marshmallow Tea

Commonly, marshmallow tea is consumed by individuals who are suffering from acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Thanks to its mucilage content, this beverage can help in relieving heartburn and other associated symptoms. It’s the soothing properties of its mucilage why marshmallow tea is also great for gastritis.

Slippery Elm Tea

Another herbal drink that has mucilage in it is slippery elm tea. Consuming a cup of it coats the lining of the stomach with a slimy substance, thus protecting it from further irritation. And in case there are already ulcers due to prolonged episodes of gastritis, the intake of slippery elm can prove to be advantageous.

Licorice Tea

As mentioned earlier, one of the causes of gastritis is an infection. It’s for this reason exactly why the consumption of licorice tea can help in the management of gastritis — it has superb antimicrobial properties that can help put an end to an infection. Actually, licorice tea is a very popular traditional remedy for gastritis and other stomach problems.

Chamomile Tea

Finally, a cup of chamomile tea may also be taken whenever gastritis strikes. It works by soothing the gastrointestinal or GI tract, as well as by providing some antimicrobial action. The consumption of chamomile tea is especially helpful at nighttime when the symptoms of gastritis can keep a person from having a good night’s sleep.

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