Herbs that Enhance Memory

Have you ever experienced those days when you forget a person’s name, the place that you need to go to, or even a memory that you are trying to recall? It may be that you weren’t paying attention to the details when it came across you but it might also be a sign that your brain needs a little help when it comes to recollecting. The good news is that there are quite a number of ways in which you can enhance brain function such as paying attention to details, practicing recall, and even jotting down useful information so you won’t forget, but you can also try some herbs that are known to improve one’s memory such as the ones below.

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  • Gingko leaf. This herb has been used in many Chinese remedies as it has been found to be useful when it comes to boosting blood circulation as well as enhancing memory function in patients with dementia. Aside from this, the gingko leaf has also been found to be effective in improving one’s brain function thanks to the flavonoids as well as terpenoids which are believe to combat free radicals.
  • Ginseng. There are several species of ginseng available today but only Panax ginseng as well as Panax quinquefolius are the two most effective ginsengs that you can use to enhance brain function. This particular herb is considered as an adaptogenic which means that it can help relieve stress. Adding ginseng to your diet may help slow down deterioration of the brain thus keeping your ability to recall memories intact.
  • Dragon’s blood. This particular plant is found in the Amazon rainforest where its sap is blood red in color and is commonly used in treating various illnesses like internal parasites, sore throat, tuberculosis, and even wounds. Recent studies show that the sap from the plant contains antioxidants as well as alkaloids that can fight the enzymes that are responsible for damaging brain cells. Adding two drops of this sap to your drink is believed to increase your cognitive function.
  • Gotu Kola. This herb is another type of adaptogen that comes with anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antimicrobial, and anxiolytic properties. It has the ability to boost one’s blood circulation and is usually taken to enhance cognitive function. It can also help slow down signs of aging plus it has the ability to improve one’s concentration including attention span.
  • Bacopa. This Indian herb is usually used in many Ayurvedic treatments and has been found to be enhance concentration, memory, and ability to learn new things. This is due to the bacosides found in the plant that protect the synaptic functions of the nerves that are responsible for the memories or commonly called hippocampus. Aside from improving one’s brain function, bacopa can also treat digestive orders, heart problems, bronchitis, and even anxiety.

These are just a few examples of herbs that are known to assist in enhancing one’s cognitive functions. You can take them in tea form if you like to protect your brain against deterioration.


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