Herbs and Spices That are Perfect for Winter

When the coldest months of the year are here, it’s important to keep yourself warm. Your immune system also has to be boosted because it’s easier to catch the common cold or flu during the freezing season. Since food and drinks galore, too, your digestive system should be kept in top-notch state. Fortunately, all of these can be obtained with a little help from various herbs and spices perfect for the winter season!

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Below you will find some herbs and spices that can help promote warmth, bolster the immune system and support digestion. Oh, and their aroma and colors can also make all sorts of winter meals even better!

Cinnamon. Definitely, the Holidays won’t be complete without the unmistakable smell of cinnamon filling the air. It’s highly suited for winter because it helps defend your body against the frigid weather. Also, it helps ward off joint pain which tends to worsen when the temperature drops.

Turmeric. Another spice that is very good at keeping your joints from becoming stiff and painful due to the cold is turmeric. This does not really come as a surprise because the said herb possesses amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, turmeric helps increase your body temperature and enhance your immunity, too.

Ginger. Cheap and easily accessible, ginger can help keep you warm. In tea form, it can come in very handy after a large meal because ginger is an excellent remedy for nausea and indigestion.

Mint. Also very good against indigestion and all the other unfavorable symptoms associated with it is mint. If you are on a diet and you want to save yourself from overeating, have a cup of mint tea — it has mild appetite-suppressing properties, helping to keep the Holiday bulge at bay.

Fennel Seeds. There is no questioning that GI distress is a very common problem during the Holidays, courtesy of all those delectable meals as well as stress. To help ward off problems such as indigestion, excess gas, and abdominal bloating and cramping, you can count on some fennel seeds!

Nutmeg. Numerous desserts and baked goodies can taste and smell more phenomenal with the addition of nutmeg. Further, they can become more suited for the Holidays. That’s because nutmeg has mild antiviral properties, thus it can keep you from needing tons of bed rest. Similarly, it can help shield you from flatulence and diarrhea.

Horseradish. Got stuffy nose? Count on horseradish! Aside from slathering sandwiches with spreads containing it, you may also add a little horseradish to stews, salads, mashed potatoes and even alcoholic drinks.

Cardamom. Speaking of having stuffy nose, you can open up your airways and enjoy a more comfortable breathing with a little help from cardamom. Related to the ginger, this aromatic spice packs anti-inflammatory and expectorating properties.

Black Pepper. Even though its color is very far from the Holidays’ festive hues, black pepper can be very beneficial during this time of the year. Since it can increase the core body temperature, it can keep you from feeling cold. Take advantage of it by sprinkling it on your dishes, or simply adding a pinch of it to your favorite herbal tea.

Cloves. Because they are capable of increasing your body temperature, cloves are a welcome addition to an assortment of winter meals. You may also reach for some cloves if you just had tons of sweets and now an aching tooth is bugging you — cloves are very popular home remedies for toothaches!

Garlic. Last but not least, feel free to include more garlic in your Holiday diet. This very popular herb can help boost your immune system, reducing your chance of missing out on some of the most festive moments to come. As a bonus, garlic helps thin the blood, thus reducing one’s risk of heart attack and stroke.







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