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Herbs that Boost Memory

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Most people assume that memory loss cannot be stopped especially as we age, but this is not necessarily true. Some of us experience lapses in memory from time to time which can be frustrating especially when we need to recall an important event or task. There are many factors that can cause this issue to arise such as constant consumption of alcoholic beverages, taking recreational drugs, and nutritional deficiency just to name a few. How then will you be able to rectify this problem?

The good news is that improving your memory can start with using the right kinds of herbs. Going natural is a much better approach to enhancing your memory as there is little to no side effects associated with it. So which herbs are good for your memory? Here are a few that you should take note of.


This herb refers to the various plants that are part of the Panax family. Although there are several types of ginseng available, when it comes to boosting your memory, Asian Ginseng and American ginseng are the best options to consider. One reason behind this is that these herbs can boost spatial memory by activating the neuronal activity located in the hippocampus.


Another herb that has been found to be good for enhancing one’s memory is turmeric. We often use this particular herb when cooking curry, but it is not just for turning this dish yellow. There are several benefits associated with turmeric such as fighting off inflammation and enhancing blood flow hence the brain tends to function better with it.

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Ginkgo Biloba

You should also use ginkgo biloba because it is effective in fighting off inflammation while boosting the amount of blood flowing through your brain. There are studies that show that the use of Ginkgo Biloba regularly can improve one’s behavioral performance especially when you are working on memory tests. Another plus to taking this herb is that it assists in healing and regenerating brain cells so your memory, intelligence, and attention will remain intact.


What other herbs can be useful for your memory? Well, if you’ve been using rosemary when cooking, you are in luck, as this herb is good for your memory. Inhaling the scent of rosemary has been found to enhance one’s memory which means that, if you want to give your brain a boost, diffusing some in the room as you study can improve your memory retention and recall.

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We are all familiar with the refreshing scent of this herb which is one of the reasons why this is a good option to consider if you want to improve your brain as well as memory. Drinking peppermint tea can improve both your short as well as your long-term memory. The scent perks you up which makes it easier for your brain to feel more alert.

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