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Here are the Reasons Why You Should Apply Essential Oils on the Soles of Your Feet

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You are into essential oils because you are well-aware of the amazing health benefits they offer. Did you know that experts agree that certain essential oils are best placed on the soles of the feet?

Not all essential oils are suited for ingestion. And the ones that can be safely ingested should be therapeutic grade, the kinds that are 100% pure and not just merely oils with added fragrances.

According to experts in essential oil use, those that can be taken by mouth are best applied on the soles of the feet to give them the opportunity to spring into action at a faster rate and in a more impressive way.

Here are some of the reasons why certain essential oils are best applied on the soles of your feet:

The Soles of Your Feet Do Not Have Sebaceous Glands

Sebaceous glands are tiny structures in the skin that produces protective oils. For essential oil users, however, those oils can be detrimental as they can prevent essential oils from being absorbed.

Because those sebaceous glands are not present in the skin of the soles of your feet (and also the palms of your hands), the absorption of essential oils is not hampered.

You can be sure that nothing goes to waste each time essential oils are applied on the soles of the feet — most essential oils do not come cheap, so you surely want to get your hard-earned money’s worth!

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The Skin on the Soles of Your Feet is Less Sensitive

Anyone who loves using essential oils knows so well that majority of these oils have to be diluted with carrier oils before applying them topically in order to keep skin irritation from striking.

Since the skin on the soles of your feet are designed to take a beating, it’s a lot less sensitive than skin elsewhere. Due to this, you can apply undiluted essential oils on the soles of your feet without worries.

But still it’s important for you to see to it that no unfavorable reaction will take place. Apply a little essential oil on a small portion of the soles of your feet and observe for about a day to be certain.

The Pores in the Soles of Your Feet are Larger

What makes essential oils applied on the skin get to the various systems of your body is the presence of pores. The larger the pores, the faster essential oils can spring into action.

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Are you aware that the soles of your feet are home to some of the largest pores? It’s for this reason why they are very good at absorbing essential oils.

In fact, a study have shown that traces of essential oils were present throughout the body of participants after just 20 minutes of applying essential oils on the soles of their feet.

The Soles of the Feet are Connected to Various Organs

According to reflexologists, they have access to the organs of your body through the soles of the feet. It’s due to this why they are able to deal with an array of health issues simply by manipulating the soles of a person’s feet.

This is why the application of essential oils on the soles of the feet tends to deliver results fast — those essential oils can be brought at a much faster rate to where they are needed.

Different sections of the soles of the feet are connected to different internal organs, and it’s important for anyone who is planning on applying essential oils on the soles of the feet to be familiar with them.

CAUTION: When planning on using essential oils for therapeutic purposes, always tell your doctor about it first. This is true especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or diagnosed with a medical condition.

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