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Here’s How to Identify Types of Headaches

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Headaches these days have adopted well with advancement of technology. Doctors have found many other causes that are just quite new-age.

In the world of medical symptoms, headache is one of the most misunderstood symptoms of illnesses. Commonly ignored by patients, headaches are commonly treated using self-medication. Pills are preferred over deeper investigation of the cause. A trip to the doctor is deemed unnecessary.

Pills and over-the-counter medicine work not in dealing with the root cause but by just providing relief. What patients miss is that headaches may just be the tip of the iceberg. Although the pain is felt in the neck or upper neck, the main cause of it may be found in the other parts of the body.

Since headaches are a general symptom, there are types of headaches that may prove to be fatal and should be a cause for an alarm. Sometimes, tumor and bleeding in the brain are the cause of headaches.

Ignoring the pain is the worst thing to do. Below is a list of ways to identify the type of your headache.

Computer Vision Headache
With the technological advances comes the most common type of headaches, the computer vision headache. This occurs due to the constant exposure to bright lights which are commonly emitted by computers and devices.

Besides the headache, fatigue, blurry vision and double vision, pain in the neck and redness in the eyes are common symptoms. The common trend among workers today is the 7-8 hours of exposure in computer screen lights and spends the rest with their eyes on the devices and smartphones. The strain caused by this kind of lifestyles trigger headache.

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Cervicogenic Headaches
When the pain emerges from the back of the neck, in the junction right in between the upper neck and skull, it is classified as Cervicogenic headache. It is named that way because of its location, the C2 junction. Poor posture is the cause of this pain.

Giant Cell Arthritis
This occurs when the pain is caused by the inflammation of the lining of the arteries. The arteries around the temples are the ones commonly affected. Another name for it is temporal arthritis.

A classification system of the headaches was released in 2005 by the International Headache Society which has been used to identify the type of headache and the method of treatment.

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