Hobbies That Help Reduce Stress, According to Science

In this day and age, stress is virtually inescapable. There is nothing you can do to zap heavy traffic, unending bills and your bossy boss. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to effectively manage stress and save both your mind and body from its ill effects in the long run.

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You can always step foot in a popular local spa to have yourself pampered. Or you can dodge those pricey exclusive services (which can leave you even more stressed!) and instead opt for some cheap and effective stress-busting activities, according to the big guys of science.

Experts suggest for you to incorporate certain hobbies into your life so that you may effectively manage stress. You will find that numerous activities that can help soothe frayed nerves are very simple and easy on the pocket. The following are some science-backed ways hobbies that help make stress go away:



The repetitive movement of knitting beanies, cell phone holders or scarves can be meditative, say the experts. And that’s why reaching for a knitting needle and ball of yarn to whip up something can help reduce both mental and physical effects of stress. Creating something beautiful also leaves you feeling happy and satisfied.



Writing in a diary is not only for teens, but also adults who are leading stressful lives. Experts say that putting your thoughts — frustrations, worries, aspirations, etc. — in writing can help reduce not only stress but also anxiety. Each time you feel frazzled, reach for that diary of yours and start scribbling.



Other than writing, you can also combat your stress by reading. Momentarily stepping foot in someone else’s world can definitely make you turn your back on anything that troubles you. Science says that 6 minutes of reading reduces stress by as much as two-thirds. It also helps reduce physical signs of stress like fast heart rate and muscle tension.



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Nothing can make you feel much better than seeing and being surrounded with the beauty of nature. Scientists say that hiking is something that can save you from obsessing over negative ideas, which can leave you even more stressed. As a bonus, being outdoors lets you get all the vitamin D you need, a nutrient vital for a better mood.



Whether you prefer salsa or hip hop, dancing is a hobby that can combat stress effectively, according to experts. Other than it keeps your mind preoccupied and lets you express yourself, dancing is also a wonderful form of exercise. As you may know by now, exercising helps flood your body with happy hormones.



Speaking of exercise, a lot of people swear by the effectiveness of doing yoga in reducing their stress levels. Aside from making you stronger, more flexible, and attuned to both your mind and body, it is scientifically proven that yoga helps deal with the various effects of stress, from depression to poor breathing.



Especially if you have a green thumb, growing ornamental plants, fruits or vegetables is a fantastic way to manage your stress. Since it requires you to focus on making things bloom, you tend to forget anything else that worries you. It’s a great idea to grow herbs that are well-known stress-busters, like chamomile and lavender!



Now that your garden provides all sorts of healthy produce, consider cooking as a hobby. You can definitely put negative thoughts out of your mind as you focus on making something mouth-watering. Inviting family and friends to savor your culinary creations can really help make your stress go away.

Aside from these scientifically-proven ways to combat stress, do you know any other hobby that is very good at giving you a stress-free life? Feel free to share below!

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