Home Remedies for Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain is no laughing matter as it can flare up unexpectedly, leaving you unable to move properly. The discomfort can last for a few minutes or hours depending on the severity of your condition. The good news is that there are various remedies available today that can alleviate and even prevent the pain once you apply these techniques as soon as you feel your arthritis kicking in. If you want to know how to deal with arthritis pain, here are some home remedies that you should take advantage of.

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  • Choose anti-inflammatory foods. One of the best ways to keep arthritis flare ups at bay is to go for foods that contain anti-inflammatory properties. It is time to re-think your diet especially when it consists of junk foods, processed foods, as well as fried food just to name a few. Switching to a diet that has more fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and even seafoods can certainly improve your current health condition.
  • Essential oils can help. There are some essential oils that can provide some relief to arthritis pain. Among these oils include peppermint, turmeric, frankincense, lemongrass, and rosemary just to name a few. These oils need to be diffused before being massaged on the problem areas. Each one has its own benefit to provide arthritis patients hence they can be used as alternatives to medication.
  • Wash dishes. You’ve probably raised your eyebrow at this but the hot water that you are using to wash your dishes can actually help relax your muscles. Plus the movements of your fingers can help keep them mobile to prevent stiffness.
  • Soak in Epsom Salt. Another possible home remedy for arthritis pain is to soak the affected body part in Epsom salt for 15 minutes. This will help reduce the inflammation because the salt contains magnesium sulfate which is the one responsible for fighting off stiffness, inflammation, as well as pain. Arthritis patients have used this treatment and have responded to its effects.
  • Create your own capsaicin cream. Capsaicin can help alleviate the inflammation in the joints which is why it is often included in many anti-inflammatory creams and treatments. The good news is that you can also make your capsaicin cream with just a few simple ingredients. For starters, just combine a few dashes of cayenne pepper with about 2 to 3 teaspoons of olive oil, mix them together and apply it on the troubled area. Cover it with a gauze and let it sit until the cream dries. There will be a burning sensation at the start but it will fade over the week as your skin gets used to the natural medication.

Dealing with arthritis pain is not going to be easy but knowing that there are home remedies that you can turn to should offer a measure of comfort that you will be able to address the issue before it becomes full blown. The best part is that these home remedies have been tested time and time again and have proved their worth.

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