Home Remedies for Groin Rash

Some issues concerning our bodies are simply too embarrassing to discuss with family members, friends and even our doctors. One very good example is the existence of rashes in the groin area.

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If currently you are facing this problem secretly, this article is for you. Reading on allows you to learn some of the most effective home remedies for groin rash. After checking them out, share this article on social media to let everyone in your network who is secretly facing the same matter know how to deal with it naturally, too!

But before we take a look at the steps that you may take at home to put the embarrassing issue under control, let us first know some of the reasons why groin rash strikes:

Excessive heat

Especially if you are living where the weather is hot, it’s not unlikely for you to end up with rashes in the groin area on a regular basis.

Too much friction

Do you like wearing tight-fitting underwear and garments? Are you overweight? Then you can blame friction for those rashes down there.

An infection

The proliferation of microbes, such as fungi, can also cause groin rash, and an infection is very common in people with poor hygiene as well as those who share underwear, towels, etc.

A weakened immune system

In some cases, it’s the immune system of the person that can be blamed for groin rash since it’s not that capable of defending the body.

The problem with groin rash is you don’t have to see it to know that it’s there — you can actually feel it. Rashes in the groin tend to be very itchy, and also burning in some instances. Scratching is a definite no-no as it can only worsen your problem — you may break your skin and end up with a really nasty infection!

So instead of scratching, try any one of these effective home remedies for groin rash:

Cold Compresses

One of the quickest ways to get rid of that itching sensation associated with groin rash is by applying cold compresses in the problem area — wet is best. All you have to do is dip a small hand towel in cold water, slightly wring out the excess and place where those pesky rashes can be found. Or you may also bathe in cold water for immediate relief.

Baking Soda

It’s of utmost importance for you to keep your groin area really dry. So after trying the tip above or taking a shower or bath, make sure that you completely dry the area. And before you put on your clothes, dust some baking soda — it’s something that will keep moisture at bay and also prevent itchiness.

Aloe Vera Gel

The gel you can harvest from the leaves of the aloe vera plant can provide soothing action. But before you apply a little of it on those rashes in your groin area, allow it to chill in the refrigerator for a while. Do not rinse off after applying aloe vera gel — allow it to remain in place for 15 to 20 minutes to give it enough time to do its job.

Diluted Tea Tree Oil

Are you into essential oils? Then you can rely on tea tree oil to attain much-needed relief from groin rash. Since tea tree oil is so powerful, you have to first dilute it with water — just a drop of tea tree oil in a teaspoon of water is already enough. Apply on the rashes down there. There is no need to rinse it off afterwards.

WARNING: If it seems like the problem refuses to go away or worsens even after trying the above home remedies, it is a good idea to seek the help of your doctor no matter how embarrassing it may be. But don’t worry that much because doctors are used to seeing stuff like that!

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