Home Remedies for Menopausal Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are probably the worst and most annoying side effect of going through menopause; it is also the most common. Hot flashes are primarily the result of the body’s decreasing estrogen levels coupled with the rapid widening of your blood vessels. When the blood vessels widens all too suddenly, it allows the blood to rush through the skin’s surface that in turn heats up the body.

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Hot flashes come in two kinds—mild or moderate and the other one being severe or extreme. Mild/moderate flushing can make you feel like you’re the only one around who feels warm. In most cases, mild or moderate hot flashes are not enough to make you sweat too much, and do not lead to major discomforts and disruptions. These may feel bothersome at times, but generally, it won’t lessen your capacity to function normally.

Severe or extreme flushing on the other hand may render you helpless, with your ability to function totally diminished. Severe hot flashes may result to night sweats and can interfere with just about anything that you do. But the good news is that only a small percentage of menopausal women experience severe flushing as they go through the phase, most are only experiencing mild hot flashes which are non-debilitating to everyday human functions.

Below are some tips you can do in order to better cope with having hot flashes;
1. Use loose and light-fitting clothes; they can help maintain your body temperature to cooler levels.

2. A personal fan can prove real handy during the occurrence of hot flashes.

3. Use an extra pillow with extra sheets just in case the night sweat hits.

4. Lower the thermostat settings at your home and/or work so you can be at much cooler surroundings especially during the summer months.

5. Know your trigger points. Try keeping a hot flash diary so you’ll have an idea of when it will strike. Try recording what you are doing, what you’re eating or drinking before the hot flashes hit you. Remember that stress, caffeine, nicotine and doing some menial activities can trigger an attack, so you need to be better prepared for it.

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