Home Remedies for Rashes Behind the Ears

The area behind the ears is warm and moist most of the time, and that’s why it is prone to developing rashes. Fret not if you have rashes behind your ears because most cases can be remedied by a few simple home remedies.

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Read on if you or a loved one is being bugged by rashes behind the ears. Below you will come across some of the things that you may do at home to put an end to such problem.

But before we take a look at those home remedies, let’s get to know the problem a little better.

Rashes behind the ears can be caused by a bunch of things. Sometimes it can be due to dermatitis or psoriasis, while other times it is brought about by some form of skin infection.

However, having rashes behind the ears is usually due to the simple irritation of the area. There are various probable causes for it, such as having poor hygiene practices, grimy hair and even dirty pillows.

If it seems like those rashes behind the ears refuse to go away after a few days or they are accompanied by a bunch of unusual symptoms, it’s a good idea to pay your doctor a visit.

Here are some of the things that you may try to deal with rashes behind the ears:

Shower on a Regular Basis

The area behind the ears is prone to collecting dirt and grime. It’s exactly for this reason why you may end up with rashes in the said part of your body if you are not fond of taking showers on a regular basis.

Needless to say, hitting the shower more often is one of the best solutions for rashes behind the ear. Make sure that you soap the area behind the ear, and remember to shampoo your hair, too.

Use Mild Soap and Shampoo

While soaps and shampoo that smell fantastic can make you feel cleaner, the fact is they can cause skin irritation. If you have rashes behind your ears, it’s actually possible that the ones to blame are your soap and shampoo.

Switching to mild soap and shampoo that contain no fragrance is highly recommended. They may not smell that amazing, but they can spare the back of your ears from getting irritated and forming rashes.

Keep the Area Dry

After taking your shower, see to it that you thoroughly dry the back of your ears with a clean towel. Rashes tend to form in warm and moist areas, so it’s very important to keep the area behind your ear dry all of the time.

Consider dusting a little talcum or baby powder behind your ears to keep excess moisture at bay. You may also opt for baking soda that is capable of zapping microbes, too.

Apply Diluted Tea Tree Oil

If you want to make those rashes behind your ears go away in no time, reach for a small bottle of tea tree oil, something that is very good at dealing with skin irritations and infections.

But since tea tree oil is so powerful, make sure that you dilute it with equal amounts of water. Using a cotton ball, daub the mixture on the affected areas. Rinse off thoroughly with water after 10 to 20 minutes.

Or Try a Little Turmeric Paste

Worry not if you have no tea tree oil in your bathroom or medicine cabinet. That’s because you may simply head to the kitchen and add a few drops of water to a little turmeric powder.

Apply the resulting paste on the back of your ears and leave it there for up to half an hour. This turmeric paste is a very good solution for redness and itchiness that tend to accompany rashes behind the ears.

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