Home Remedies for Sore Throat

That discomfort, stinging pain in your throat when you swallow is called a sore throat. Sore throat occurs when people have colds, bacterial infection, or the larynx gets too dry. It sometimes becomes something more serious.

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Before we start discussing home remedies for sore throat instead of taking in toxic chemicals, please bear in mind simply as an additional knowledge that the involvement of honey for treating the sore throat of infants is wrong. The little cuties react unfavorably to honey.

Apple cider vinegar – it has become a power house when it comes to using natural home remedies for various diseases ranging from Diabetes, pimples, or warts to name a few. Apple cider vinegar contains many antibacterial properties. Its high level of acidity kills the bacteria in the sore throat.

There are numerous ways you can use apple cider vinegar. One of which is to take small sips of raw apple cider vinegar several times a day. The taste is not so great and often it will leave an aftertaste so do not forget to take plenty of water every after sip!

Another method would be to gargle ¼ of apple cider vinegar mixed with water of the same amount every hour.

Water and salt – A majority of people consider this the best home remedy for sore throat. Partially fill a mug with water and then sprinkle salt into the water. Stir, and then gargle it. It rarely ever fails. Try it out yourself!

Stay hydrated – another factor which leads to sore throat is having a dry throat. Water, juice, soup, or whatever fluid will do as long as you drink it often. The objective is to keep the throat naturally lubricated.

Garlic – this may sound uncanny to some people but garlic is actually included as a home remedy for sore throat. Prepare one garlic glove, slice it in half, and put one in each cheek. Grind your teeth against the garlic as you suck to release the compound that kicks the bacteria in the throat gone. However, you don’t necessarily need to bite it.

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