Home Remedies for Tailbone Pain

Tailbone pain can easily be the peskiest of all forms of back pain — it’s there no matter if you sit, stand or lie down! Doctors say that it’s something that goes away in a few weeks or months.

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But who has the time to wait that long?

If you’re suffering from tailbone pain, this article is for you. Below you will come across some very helpful tips in making that bothersome tailbone pain go away.

Trauma to the coccyx during a slip and fall accident, sitting on a hard or narrow surface for extended periods of time, vaginal childbirth, degenerative damage or change to the joint — these are the common causes of tailbone pain.

What’s so annoying about tailbone pain it can be very stubborn. It can bug you no matter which position you are in, and this can definitely keep you from having a smooth-sailing day.

If your work entails sitting for hours in front of a computer, then having tailbone pain can definitely ruin your life. Traveling, exercising, defecating, having sex — all of these activities can get disrupted by tailbone pain!

You may always pop a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID in your mouth each time that you are being nagged by your tailbone pain — it’s for certain that you will find relief in no time.

However, do take note that NSAIDs are well-known for their ability to produce a bunch of side effects. In addition, there are many risks that are associated with their regular intake.

The good news is there are various all-natural remedies for tailbone pain. If taking NSAIDs regularly is not an option, see which of the following home remedies for tailbone pain can provide you with much-needed relief ASAP:


Because of its amazing anti-inflammatory properties, you can count on turmeric each time your tailbone pain is acting up. You can add a teaspoon of turmeric to a cup of hot water, or dissolve a teaspoon of it in a glass of warm milk.

Heat or Ice Pack

A lot of people swear by the effectiveness of applying heat or ice pack on their achy tailbones for a few minutes. You may also try alternating heat and ice pack to enjoy immediate relief from this annoying problem.

Epsom Salt

Dissolve a cup of epsom salt or two in lukewarm bathwater. Immerse your body in it for several minutes to attain relief from tailbone pain. This home remedy for tailbone pain is also great for achy and stiff muscles and joints.

Tea Tree Oil

You may add a drop of tea tree oil to a teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil. Massage on the part where it hurts and give the mixture a few minutes to show its effectiveness in making tailbone pain go away.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

On a daily basis, see to it that your diet includes foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Some wonderful examples of these foods that can help ward off tailbone pain include oily fish, nuts and seeds.

Special Cushions

Especially if your 9 to 5 job involves the use of a computer, it’s a good idea for you to use a special cushion that can help save you from tailbone pain. Such product is readily available at most medical supplies stores.

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