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Home Remedies for Thicker Eyelashes

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Women are quite cautious about the density of their eye lashes. It is very alarming when the eye lashes starts falling frequently. Eye lashes must complement truly with the facial feature of each individuals. It also makes a person look feeble and unattractive if the eyelashes fall out frequently. There can be various reasons of getting eyelashes falling out. One of the reasons includes lack of nutrients in diet. Even if you rub your eyes frequently, it can give rise to falling out of eyelashes. You can now find various ways to grow it further. You can now get your eyelashes converted into thicker and longer eyelashes from thin and feeble ones.

There are many natural and homemade solutions, through which you can easily grow your eyelashes, grow thicker and attractive. The ingredients that are available at your kitchen will be ideal for growing wonderful eyelashes again. Some of the home remedies are as under:

1. Castor Oil

You must not be aware of the fact, but castor oil is very essential for many hair and health related solutions. Since this oil contains vitamin E, it helps a lot in nourishment of hair. This will once again make your hair stronger and healthier. You will easily get a preventive measure of eyelash loss and get a boosting effect in growing dense eyelashes.

2. Herbal serums

You can now get serums in the market that makes your eyelashes looks brighter and thicker. You must choose the herbal ingredients. You can make a herbal serum just at home by using olive oil and aloe Vera extract. This is a wonderful solution to make your eyelashes very attractive. You don’t need to put any type of make up at all if you are using this herbal serum regularly.

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3. Shoe flower

It can be available in many home gardens. She flower can be easily pluck and get it ribbed on the eye lashes. It will easily make the composition of the eyelashes wonderful and beautiful. This is one of the natural ingredients that can make your eye look attractive with the thick eye lashes.

4. Essential oils

In order to get your eyelashes very attractive, you need to mix the essential oils such as sandalwood oil, lavender oil, Scotch pine oil, rosemary oil etc. Now dab all these oils into a cotton ball and apply the same in your eye lashes. It is good to apply it before you go to bed as the essential oils will stay intact in your eye lashes for a long time. It is also important to spread the essential oils in almost every eyelash so that each one can get nutrients and effectiveness of the essential oils.

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Since eggs add proteins to the hair granules, you should beat an egg yolk and apply it on your eye lashes with the cotton dab. After keeping it for few minutes, you can easily wash it away with the cold water. Slowly remove the dried egg yolk with cotton and water and get beautiful eye lashes.

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