Home Remedies for Underarm Boils

Boils can show up practically anywhere. However, the ones that appear in the underarms can cause the most discomfort! If you have a boil in your underarm, you cannot help but feel embarrassed and irritable at the same time.

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Are you secretly looking for some home remedies for a boil in the underarm because you feel that it’s too mortifying to talk about it with a family member, friend or your doctor? Then continue reading. Below you will learn some of the things that you may try to put your problem to an end.

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There are many different reasons why boils appear, and they can show up on just about any part of the body. Boils in the underarms, however, are oftentimes brought about by an infection of the hair follicles in the said areas. Usually, it starts from irritation due to excessive heat, too much friction and poor hygiene.

Having a boil in one of your underarms can definitely keep you from leading a normal life — just about any activity that entails using your arms can remind you of the presence of a boil by means of an unmistakable pain or discomfort. In some instances, an underarm boil can also leave you with a bout of fever.

If you have a boil in your underarm, you may try the following home remedies:


One quick way for you to attain much-needed relief from an underarm boil is by applying a little honey on it. Honey works because it has soothing, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The best type of honey for the job is something that’s pure and organic, and not the artificial kind that most supermarkets carry these days.

Aloe Vera Gel

If you have an aloe vera plant in your garden, then you may rely on the gel within its leaves to deal with that boil in your underarm. For added relief, allow the gel to chill in the refrigerator for a few minutes before using.

Cold Milk

Worry not if you do not have access to an aloe vera plant. That’s because you may simply rely on milk to enjoy relief from that bothersome boil in your underarm. Again, it’s a good idea for you to use cold milk. If you want, you can turn it into paste by adding it to a little flour, which is a lot easier to apply.

Salt Water

It’s also a great idea for you to add a few drops of water to a little sea salt that’s finely ground. Apply on the unsightly growth using a cotton swab to kill off microbes as well as soothe the skin.

Garlic Juice

You can make that underarm boil go away in no time by daubing garlic juice on it. All you have to do is finely mince a couple of garlic cloves. Using a cotton swab, apply the juice produced on the boil. You may feel a little stinging sensation, but that’s okay — it’s a sign that garlic juice is springing into action.


Just like garlic juice, turmeric is an excellent solution for a boil in the underarm. Turn it into a paste for easy application by adding a few drops of water to about half a teaspoon of this very common culinary spice.

WARNING: If that boil in your underarms refuses to go away or seems to worsen after trying the above home remedies for it, consider seeking the help of your doctor. This is especially true if it is accompanied by unusual symptoms.

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