Home Remedies for Watery Eyes

Having watery eyes, generally speaking, is nothing serious. It’s a problem that can be easily solved by a few over-the-counter medications as well as some simple home remedies.

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Tears are important because they nourish and lubricate your eyes. Each time you blink, you are actually cleansing and hydrating the eyes with tears. Basically, the eyes get watery when too much tears are produced or the eyes’ means of draining tears is partially obstructed or completely blocked. This drainage system is in the form of ducts situated in the corner of your eyes, taking tears to the nose. Watery eyes can make you look like you’re crying all the time.

Most cases of watery eyes are due to the excessive production of tears. Such can be caused by a handful of problems. One of them is the so-called dry-eye syndrome. It may sound ironic, but this condition can actually make your eyes watery. That’s because the lacrimal glands which produce and secrete tears work harder to lubricate your dry eyes, and this causes the excessive production of tears. Allergies to pollen, pet dander, dust mites, molds, perfumes, cigarette smoke and others may also lead to having too much tears. Watery eyes may also be brought about by infections. For instance, having conjunctivitis prompts the production of more tears to help wash away microbes and discharge.

Treating the underlying cause with the help of a doctor is an effective way to put an end to watery eyes. There are also a few home remedies that you may try. Here are some worth looking at:

Clean the Eyes with Warm Water or Baby Shampoo
Especially if watery eyes is caused by an infection, having the affected area cleaned in a regular basis is a good idea. You may do so with the use of warm water. Using a cotton ball dipped in baby shampoo solution may also be used for cleaning the area around your eyes.

Opt for Cold Compresses
Soothing the eyes can help provide relief from excessive tear production. All you have to do is soak a small piece of cloth in cold water, wring out the excess, fold neatly, close your eyes, and place the cold compress on it.

Try Some Herbal Cold Compresses
If you have access to a health food store, get your hands on goldenseal, Oregon grape, barberry, chamomile or calendula. Adding these herbs to your cold compress is said to promote utmost soothing of the eyes, thus providing relief from the problem that makes you look like you are weeping for no reason.

Eat Foods That are Rich in Vitamins C and E
There are instances when having watery eyes is due to uveitis, a condition wherein there’s inflammation of the middle part of the eye. Experts say that you may supplement with vitamins C and E to help speed up the healing of the eye infection. You may also load up on foods that are vitamin C-rich such as bell peppers, guavas, dark green leafy vegetables, kiwis, berries and citrus fruits. Tofu, spinach, nuts, seeds, avocados and fish are all excellent sources of vitamin E.

Go for Honey and Rosewater Mix
You can come up with homemade eye drops using only a couple of ingredients. All you have to do is dilute a few drops of honey with rosewater, and instill 1 to 2 drops of the mix in the affected eye. It’s also possible to cover your eyes with cotton pads soaked in the said mix to attain relief from watery eyes.

Rely on Aloe Vera and Rose Milk Mix
Many people swear by the effectiveness of homemade eye drops out of aloe vera and rose milk. Instilling a couple of drops in the eyes helps soothe irritation that cause the lacrimal glands to produce more tears than necessary.

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