Home Remedies That Keep Constipation From Regularly Ruining Your Day

Poor eating habits and lack of exercise — these things can definitely leave you with a bout of constipation. You don’t want your bowel movement to be few and far between because it can leave you feeling fatigued and make your abdomen achy, gassy and distended.

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Definitely, including fiber-rich foods in your everyday diet as well as turning your back on having a sedentary life can help keep constipation from striking.

So what about if it’s already wreaking havoc to your life? Well, continue reading if currently constipation is bugging you!

Take Prunes

Whether whole or in juice form, prunes are some of the most effective home remedies for constipation. That’s because they are very rich in fiber. In addition, prunes are also known to have mild laxative properties — consuming them can help put an end to your constipation ASAP.

If you’re planning on drinking prune juice for your constipation, just make sure it’s 100 percent pure prune juice and not something that contains sugar and artificial flavorings.

Have Papaya

Another very common home remedy for constipation is ripe papaya. Just like prunes, this brightly-colored tropical fruit has mild laxative properties — its inclusion in your diet can definitely make that bout of constipation go away. What’s more, it’s also rich in vitamin C so your immune system will end up stronger.

By the way, don’t eat papaya only when you have constipation — enjoy it on a regular basis whether or not your bowel movement is regular. Doing so will help keep constipation at bay.

Aside from papaya, it’s also a wonderful idea for you to incorporate other types of fruits in your everyday diet. All fruits are packed with fiber so they can really help you dodge constipation.

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Consume Veggies

Some of the most excellent sources of fiber on the face of the planet are vegetables. It’s exactly for this reason why making them a part of your everyday diet can help save you from having to encounter constipation.

Leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are especially rich in fiber, which help encourage the elimination of the toxins and waste products along the GI tract. What’s more, leafy vegetables are also loaded with so many other nutrients that your body needs for it to function optimally.

Drink Green Tea

Consuming a cup of green tea many times a day can actually help put that constipation to rest. That’s because this well-loved beverage has natural laxative properties — it speeds up the movement of the GI tract’s contents, thus making your bowel movement regular.

Many people swear by the intake of green tea just before they hop into bed — the next day, the first thing that comes to their mind is hitting the bathroom. Since green tea contains only a small amount of caffeine plus it can actually relax your mind and body, taking the beverage at night won’t leave you sleepless.

Take Lime and Salt

In the world of traditional healing, constipation is commonly resolved with the help of something that’s out of lime and salt. The resulting beverage is known to promote evacuation of the bowels.

What you have to is get a glass of lukewarm water and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it. Afterwards, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in the mix. This may be done and taken up to 3 times a day until complete relief from constipation is obtained. However, refrain from employing this home remedy for constipation if you have a heart problem or your doctor has advised you to limit your daily consumption of sodium.

Is there a home remedy for constipation that you greatly swear by? Feel free to share it in the comments section below!

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