Home Remedies for Lightheadedness

Simply put, lightheadedness is a sensation that leaves you feeling woozy, like when you are standing on a boat. It’s not really a serious matter if it strikes only once in a while — everybody experiences it at one point. However, it is an entirely different story if it’s something that happens regularly, as well as accompanied by other symptoms.

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You can become lightheaded after engaging in intense exercise, each time you fail to get a good night’s sleep, or when having a bout of the common cold or flu. If you have motion sickness and you are in a car or on an airplane, then it can be expected for lightheadedness to strike each and every time.

Lightheadedness is not a disease or condition, but merely a symptom. It can be experienced by people who have medical problems, most especially those that involve the heart and inner ear. Are you suffering from anxiety? Then it’s very much likely for you to wind up lightheaded during an attack, and even sometimes even without it.

Especially if lightheadedness is accompanied by a bunch of other symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, lots of sweating and confusion, it’s very important to seek medical attention. In some instances, lightheadedness together with the said symptoms can signify a heart problem that requires immediate care.

But if your doctor has given you a clean bill of health, there is no need to worry if you experience lightheadedness every now and then. There are some lifestyle and dietary changes as well as a few home remedies that you may do to eliminate lightheadedness or keep its attacks to a minimum. Some of them are:

Consume Plenty of Fluids

Dehydration is something that can cause so many unfavorable symptoms, and one of them is lightheadedness. Most especially when the weather is hot or you are engaging in intense physical activities, make sure that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. The same is true if you are vomiting or having diarrhea.

Limit Your Intake of Coffee and Alcohol

One of the side effects of drinking coffee is lightheadedness, courtesy of the beverage’s caffeine content. Naturally, cutting back on your consumption of coffee or simply going for decaf can help keep being lightheaded at bay. You should also drink alcohol in moderation because it’s also something that can cause lightheadedness to strike.

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Quit Cigarette Smoking

We all know that cigarette smoking is a habit that can cause a wide variety of problems. Since it can impair blood circulation due to its unfavorable effects on the blood vessels, it can leave you feeling lightheaded — supply of blood to the brain may be impeded. The solution to such is nothing else but turning your back on the habit.

Drink Freshly-Brewed Ginger Tea

You can make that uncomfortable feeling of being lightheaded go away by consuming a cup of ginger tea, which is also an effective home remedy for a number of GI-tract and inflammation-related problems. Simple grate a piece of fresh ginger root and allow it to steep in a cup of hot water for several minutes to make a cup of it.

Supplement with Ginkgo Biloba

Experts in herbs say that ginkgo biloba is very good at promoting the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. This is the reason why it’s something that can be beneficial for people who are frequently bugged by lightheadedness. Do let your doctor know about your plan to take ginkgo biloba or any other supplement.

Take Plenty of Rest

Earlier, it was mentioned that it’s normal for you to experience lightheadedness if you are battling an infection, like the common cold or flu. In order to minimize the feeling of being lightheaded, make sure that you take plenty of rest. As you get better and better, the problem will go away on its own.

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