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Home Remedies to Help Fight Allergic Rhinitis

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Allergic rhinitis is a bothersome condition that leaves your eyes watery, your nose runny, and you sneezing non-stop for a minute or two. This tends to occur when your immune system reacts to a particular irritant such as pet dander, pollen, and even dust mites just to name a few. There are some individuals who are prone to this condition especially when they have a family history of allergic reactions. Although there are medications that can relieve this condition, such as anti-histamine, home remedies may be of good use too. Here are some examples of home remedies for allergic rhinitis that you can take advantage of.


Ginger is a natural antihistamine treatment that contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and immune enhancing properties that can reduce your allergic reaction and symptoms such as runny nose, headache, and nasal congestion just to name a few. You can chew on a small piece of this spice to help provide you with relief.

Apple cider vinegar

The antihistamine and antibiotic properties of this vinegar is what makes it a good treatment for your allergic rhinitis. Taking this treatment can help minimize the intensity of your symptoms so you will feel relief in no time. Simply add a teaspoon of raw, and organic apple cider vinegar into a glass of warm water, add some lemon juice and honey for flavor, and then drink it 3 times in a day.

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What else can help you with your allergic rhinitis? Eating foods containing probiotics come highly recommended as it helps stabilize the gut flora in your system. You see, when there is an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria in your belly, your immune system can be compromised hence leaving you exposed to various respiratory issues such as allergic rhinitis. Eating yogurt or even fermented foods can help improve your gut flora.


The quercetin present in garlic acts as a natural antihistamine which can be useful if you have allergic rhinitis. Another plus to garlic is that it has other health benefits including having antibacterial, antibiotic, and antiviral properties. You can chew 2 to 3 pieces of raw garlic per day to help alleviate the effects of allergic rhinitis or incorporate it into your meals.

Allergic rhinitis can be triggered from time to time, but the good news is that with these natural remedies, it won’t be difficult to feel relief for sure.

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