Home Remedies for Underarm Itching

Because they are prone to being warm and moist, it’s not surprising why your underarms have the tendency to suffer from all sorts of dermatological conditions. One of the most common issues concerning the armpits is itching.

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Underarm itching is something that can disrupt your life as well as your poise — nothing is particularly classy about being spotted scratching your pits. And actually, it’s not really a good idea to scratch because you are risking breaking the sensitive skin of your underarms, which can easily lead to an infection.

There are many different reasons why your armpits may end up feeling so itchy. The proliferation of bacteria or fungus is one of the most common ones, which is mainly due to poor persona hygiene. Then the application of products for the underarms that contain strong or harsh chemicals can also bring about such irritating problem.

Another usual reason behind itchy underarms is the presence of ingrown hair, something that is usually due to shaving, most especially if a dull or rusted razor is the one used for the job.

Worry not if your underarms are feeling itchy and all you can think of is scratching them. That’s because there are a number of home remedies available for it. Continue reading to know some of the smartest things that you may do aside from scratching if you are being bugged by underarm itching and you want to put an end to it ASAP.

Quit Shaving for a While

Earlier, it was mentioned that shaving is one of the usual causes of underarm itching. And that is why it makes perfect sense for you to momentarily stop reaching for that razor until such time that the problem is no longer pestering you. It’s also a good idea for you to regularly replace your razor with a new one, and liberally use shaving cream in order to prevent an ingrown hair — something that can feel so itchy — from striking.

Take Regular Showers or Baths

Whether you have armpit itching or not, it’s a wise move to have a shower or bath on a regular basis. Because they are usually always warm and moist, your underarms are prone to harboring microorganisms that can cause bad odor as well as a bunch of other problems, many of which can lead to underarm itching. If you suffer from underarm itching, having good personal hygiene is of utmost importance in order to keep the issue from persisting or worsening.

Steer Clear of Irritating Products

An important part of having good hygiene practices is applying deodorant. However, it’s a must for you to carefully choose the products you apply on your underarms most especially if these areas of the body are itching — using anything that contains harsh or irritating chemicals can make the problem worse. While there is still itching, consider opting for an all-natural way of deodorizing your pits, such as dusting baking soda on them.

Rely on Natural Soothers

While you may always apply calamine lotion on your underarms each time they are feeling itchy, it’s a much better idea for you to count on some skin soothers from nature. One very good example is aloe vera gel. All you have to do is apply a little of it on your underarms, and then rinse it off with water after about 20 minutes. Baking soda is another example. You may also take a salt or oatmeal bath in order to attain effective relief from underarms itching.

Zap Those Microbes Naturally

In some cases, armpit itching is brought about by an infection, sometimes by bacteria and other times by fungi. A very good remedy for underarm itching due to microbes is by applying a thin layer of coconut oil on your armpits before hitting the hay. You may also go for diluted tea tree oil. However, it’s a wise move on your part to consult a dermatologist if it’s quite obvious that your underarm infection is severe and requires treatment.

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