Home Remedies You Can Try that Really Work

Most people who live alone or in dorms don’t really have peppermint tea or olive oil on hand. Making home remedies when away from home can be difficult. Finally, I found some simple home or away from home remedies that really work! No need to mash essential oils or grind herbs to make these remedies.

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Check out some of these unconventional tricks you can try:

Remove tension headaches by biting on a pencil.

–  When stressed we tend to clench our teeth causing tension in the jaw. This trigger tension headaches. When you suffer from tension headache place a pencil between your teeth. Close your mouth without biting down on the pencil. This relaxes the muscle and reduces the pain.

Duct tape to remove warts.

–      The chemical in the Duct tape can remove warts or lessen them. Clean the face, then apply a small piece of duct tape that covers the wart. Let it sit for a few minutes, then remove. Do this every day until the wart completely disappears.

 Listerine to remove blisters

–      Dab cotton balls in Listerine and apply on blister 3 times a day until it goes away. Listerine is a powerful antibacterial that can remove fluids in blisters.

Oatmeal to soothe eczema

–      Create an oatmeal bath to treat dry skin or eczema. Oatmeal contains natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties to treat skin problems. Add 3 cups of ground oatmeal in warm bath water. Soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes.

Olives for motion sickness

–      Tannins found in olives can reduce the symptoms of motion sickness and reduce the chances of vomiting and nausea. Carry a small bag of olives when traveling.

Vodka for foot odor

–      Soak a cloth in vodka and wipe your feet with it. Vodka is a natural antiseptic that can kill bacteria that causes the foot odor. If you don’t have vodka at home, rubbing alcohol works as well.

Yogurt to cure bad breath

–      When we are hungry we tend to have bad breath, that is because of the acid we produce in our stomach. Eating yogurt can increase good bacteria in the stomach and neutralize the acids and remove bad breath.

Sugar to cure hiccups

–      Sugar can help stimulate the vagus nerve that stops you from hiccuping. Take a spoonful of sugar to stop diaphragm spasms, then drink water.

VapoRub for nail fungus

–      Smear VapoRub in the affected area, two times a day until the fungus disappears. There has been no scientific study to prove the effectiveness of this remedy, but this remedy has been used for decades and has yet to be proven futile.

Vegetable oil for dry nails

–      Apply vegetable oil to your hands and cover them with plastic gloves or manicure gloves overnight. This will work as a moisturizing treatment. Do this once a week to prevent brittle nails.


Before running to the drug store, try out this nifty, easy to do home remedies! Cure your miseries with ingredients you can find at home.



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