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Home Remedy For Mouth Ulcers

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Mouth ulcers don’t mean the mouth aches when it doesn’t get to chew on something for long hours. Mouth ulcers are the painful sores popping on the lips, tongue and the inside of the cheeks. Common causes of mouth ulcers are illness or stress; however the exact cause is currently unknown.

One way to get rid of mouth ulcers is to disinfect and kill the bacteria. Saline rinsing or simply rinsing with salt water keeps the mouth clean. With a warm glass of water, mix two teaspoons of salt. If salt is unavailable, baking soda can be used as an alternative. Hold the mixture in your mouth and swish from one side to another. Like with any other gargling material, you don’t swallow it, you spit it all out in the sink. Do this every after meal and before heading to sleep.

With the use of your tongue, hold an ice chip directly onto the sore. The cold will numb the pain and reduce the swelling. Keep doing this as much and as long as you’d like. Drinking freezing water throughout an entire day also helps. Since it’s the cold that cures, it is logical to avoid eating hot and/or spicy foods while you have mouth ulcers. Spicy foods increase the pain felt and worsens the sores.

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Don’t leave that lemon hanging around untouched. How about slicing it in half, applying it on the sore, and finishing up by adding some honey? Be warned though, it will stick upon applying but will eventually be gone and you’re good. Still another method still with the use of lemon is to pair it with baking soda. A ¼ teaspoon of baking soda mixed with the fresh lemon juice, mixed with a tablespoon of cold water and ½ teaspoon of honey, all together applied to the sore. This must be practiced twice a day, morning and evening. It should take just a week to completely heal the ulcer.

Here’s something new: fresh coconut milk. The act of gargling fresh coconut milk quadruple times a day keeps the mouth clean and eases the pain. Also take in yogurt and buttermilk, and other soured milk products.

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