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Are You Hooked on Vaping? You Might be If You Have the Following Signs

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So you have decided to switch from cigarette smoking to vaping. Congratulations! Give yourself a pat on the back for taking one of the smartest moves a smoker could ever make!

The reason why electronic cigarettes these days are so popular is the fact that experts say that their use is up to 95 percent less harmful than lighting up the real deal. So in other words, vaping can help an individual significantly lower his or her risk of all the nightmarish health consequences of smoking cigarette sticks.

But due to the fact that vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking, it can be quite easy for an electronic cigarette smoker to wind up addicted to such clever alternative to a terrible habit.

Since an electronic cigarette does not give off tar and all of the thousands of harmful chemicals emitted by a cigarette stick, a person may vape incessantly knowing that he or she is out of harm’s way. And given the fact that vaping juices can come in so many different flavors, the possibility of getting hooked on vaping is really high.

But the real reason why vaping can be quite addicting is this: vaping juices contain nicotine, which is the very substance that makes it so hard for cigarette smokers to ditch their habit. (Although it’s important to note that there are actually nicotine-free vaping juices available on the current market.)

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Unlike being addicted to substances, you cannot be arrested and sentenced to prison by being addicted to an electronic cigarette. However, it’s something that can definitely meddle with your personal and professional life.

So are you an electronic cigarette owner and you want to know whether or not you are already dependent on your vaping device? Here are some telltale signs that you might actually be:

You have a mini heart attack in the morning upon realizing that you have forgotten to charge your electronic cigarette before hitting the hay the night before. 

There’s a USB charger in your bag and a spare one in your car just in case your vaping device’s battery run out of juice. And also, you stash a power bank in your bag for your utmost peace of mind.  

Before heading out, you take a look at the tank to determine how much vaping juice remains. You do this despite of the fact that there’s a small bottle of vaping juice in your pocket or bag. 

It feels like the room is caving in on you the moment you realize that there is only one fresh atomizer remaining. So what you do is SOS for a fresh set of atomizers because your life depends on vaping. 

The air does not feel quite the same if there’s no vapor in it, and so most of the air inhalations you take during your waking hours are done with your lips pursed around the mouthpiece of your electronic cigarette. 

You feel like you are having a stroke when you reach for your shirt or jean pocket and realize that your vaping device is not there. And so to avoid such disastrous event from happening again… 

A lanyard is attached to your electronic cigarette so that you can wear it around your neck, showing it off like a gold medal that you have won in a recently-held triathlon. 

While your family, friends and co-workers are at the mall shopping, you are at your favorite local vape store checking out the newest selections of electronic cigarette accessories and vaping juice flavors. 

You are never spotted without a thick amount of vapor coming out of your mouth or nostrils. No matter if you’re driving, eating, having coffee or watching TV, you have your device in your hand.

Feel free to share this article online and let everyone in your circle who uses electronic cigarette-using to see these telltale signs of vaping addiction!

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