How Citrus Fruits Can Help Heal Our Bodies

It’s true that the tartness of citrus fruits can cause you to knit your brow. That frown, however, can easily turn into a beaming smile as soon as you learn about the many benefits these juicy and pulpy fruits bring.

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Everyone knows that citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C that protects you from colds, cough and flu. The same nutrient helps in boosting your immune system as well as neutralizing toxins and other impurities that have accumulated within your body. Each and every citrus fruit has certain helpful and therapeutic things to offer. Continue reading to learn about them.


Packed with antioxidants, lemons help in preventing the oxidation of fat. This keeps bad cholesterol levels and high blood pressure in check. Lemons are also known to be beneficial for people suffering from sore throat and sinusitis because of the impressive amounts of vitamin C they contain.

Lemons help alleviate aches and pains experienced by individuals suffering from gout and rheumatism. Those with urinary tract infections or are prone to developing kidney stones should not shy away from these sour fruits.


Individuals with colds should have plenty of limes to considerably shorten the duration of the viral infection as well as to aid in decongesting the nasal passages. Limes are also ideal for those with gum disease, thanks to their high vitamin C content.

Feeling depressed? A quick and an all-natural way to lift your mood is by sniffing on lime peel.

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The consumption of lime juice helps in alleviating the symptoms of cough and colds. On the other hand, freshly-squeezed lime juice may be applied topically to help heal bug bites and various skin problems like pimples, fine lines and discoloration.


Your immune system can be bolstered via the detoxifying properties of grapefruits. Consuming these tangy fruits is also recommendable for people who often suffer from stress as they contain plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants that help promote healing at a cellular level. Grapefruit juice is a wonderful remedy for people with hangover.

Grapefruit peel is also an effective mood-booster. Whenever you feel down in the dumps, simply sniff on it.


Individuals who are trying to shed off excess pounds should load up on oranges as they facilitate the metabolism of fat cells. What’s more, these citrus fruits help flush out toxins in the gut as well as fill up your tummy so you don’t eat more than necessary. Oranges are also good for people who are bugged by colic, abdominal bloating and excess gas.

Sniffing on the peel of oranges is said to be effective at alleviating depression, anxiety, anger, irritation and even insomnia.


The consumption of tangerines is recommended for those who are suffering from flatulence, constipation or diarrhea. Although they taste really acidic, tangerines become alkaline once inside the body, therefore acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. High in vitamin C, these tangy fruits help strengthen the immune system.

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