How Does Onion Help In Hair Growth?

We tend to lose hair everyday, a few thousand hair strands a day will naturally shed off from your head. This is due to the life cycle of hair. The hair goes to three stages. The growing phase, resting phase and the shedding phase. These three phases occur at different times for each hair. That is why you shed hair everyday, but shedding too much hair can be a sign of alopecia or hair loss disorder.

Hair disorders like alopecia need special treatment or medication. If you shed too much hair, but don’t have severe hair loss then it can be a question of hair care. If your problem isn’t really as bad as you think them a little home remedy will do.



The onion is one of the most amazing natural remedies for hair loss prevention. Onions can help enhance and speed up hair growth.

The onion isn’t the most aromatic remedy for your hair, but thick flowing hair is worth a few days of onion hair right? Visible patches and receding hairline can be prevented with onion.

Treatment for hair growth in professional hair spas or derma clinics can raise a lot of your money and time. Before opting for this treatment why not try a natural and chemical free treatment first?

Onions contain high sulfur content. The juices from onions can help blood circulation and strengthen hair growth. It will all stop bacteria and inflammation in the scalp. Onion juice can also to protect the protein in your hair and make it stronger, preventing hair breakage.



Raw Onion Juice – Blend some onion in the food processor or blender. Remove the juice and massage on the scalp. Let it stand for 30 minutes or more. Rinse off with shampoo and apply conditioner to lessen the smell. Do this three times a week for a week or more.

Onion and Honey Mixture – Take raw onion juice and add honey. Use this mixture to massage your scalp. The honey will help boost hair growth and prevent hair follicle blockage. Do this every day.

Onion and Rum Mixture – Rum will eliminate some of the odor of the onion. Chop onion and soak it in a glass of rum overnight. Leave it in a room temperature area. Before taking a bath strain the mixture, use the liquid as a hair rinse and scalp massage.

Be patient with this though, since it is a natural remedy the results won’t show as fast as artificial ones.



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