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How Egyptians Used Popular Essential Oils

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Essential oils are popular nowadays for banishing unwanted smells in the house or for aromatherapy sessions so you will feel calm and relaxed at the end of the day. But if you think these oils just started recently, you might be surprised to find that they have been around for ages! As a matter of fact, the essential oils were already used during the time of Cleopatra’s reign!

Importance of Essential Oils to Egyptians

The Ancient Egyptians paid much attention to their body which meant that cleanliness was of the highest importance to them. You will find that there were records showing that they were fond of applying body oil not only to moisturize their skin but also to protect it too. As a matter of fact, these oils were given as wages to low class workers. That’s how important cleanliness was to the Ancient Egyptians.

Here are three ways the Egyptians used essential oils:


The ancient Egyptians took advantage of the abundance of herbal plants that were growing along the Nile River as part of their medicinal treatments. There were scrolls discovered showing hundreds of recipes of oils that were used to treat various ailments. It appears that even today, these recipes are still being used with essential oils which mean that they are effective.

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The priests during the ancient times were the only authorities who were given permission to use aromatic oils the scent brought them closer to their deities. It appears that each god that they worshipped had his or her own scent dedicated to them. Even the statues of these gods received essential oils from the priests.


The ancient Egyptians used essential oils as part of the mummification process. Research shows that the mummies that were unearthed today still had traces of cedar, myrrh, as well as a variety of aromatic gums on their remains. These oils were essential to the mummification and the burial process.

Modern Use of Essential Oils

The good news is that the use of essential oils has evolved over the centuries where they are now being used for aromatherapy, massages, and even for banishing unwanted smells in the house. They are still being incorporated in the realm of beauty where the oils were integrated into various beauty and skin care products because of the benefits that they contain.

Herbalists are fond of using essential oils to treat a variety of ailments which isn’t surprising as these oils were taken from natural sources such as peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and others which mean that they contain all the essential vitamins and minerals that are actually good for your overall health.

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