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How Sodas Are Affecting Your Body

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It’s a common conception that sodas are bad for the body, still the soda industry is one of the fastest producing and selling product in the market. What is it in soda that makes it so addictive? Simple answers is sugar. Drinking soda will spike up blood sugar levels and produce a quick burst of energy and euphoria. Sugar in sodas is converted by the liver into fat. The caffeine in soda increases blood pressure and pushes the liver to transfer more sugar into the bloodstream. The pupils become dilated and the sugar rush start to take over. After a few minutes of sugar rush, a sudden energy crash follows after. Sodas are known to cause obesity and high sugar levels, but there are other negative effects sodas have in the body. Let us discuss them below.

A diet that is high in sugar can delay brain function and affect a number of neurological processes. Excess sugar in our diet can cause the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factors to decrease. This chemical is essential to cognitive function such as memory making and learning.

Cancer Cells:
A nonprofit grouped protested the use of the caramel coloring used in sodas due to its cancer causing contaminants. This coloring is said to cause cancer in animals and was asked to be removed. The reason of using this caramel coloring is all for appearance, it does not affect the taste or texture of the beverage. This contaminant is present in diet and regular sodas.

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A person that drinks a can of soda a day will increase their risk of heart disease. The constant use of sodas will affect the blood pressure, heart function, inflammatory factors, lipids and leptin.

Sodas also affect the pulmonary functions, it increases the risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder and asthma.

The acid in soda will erode the enamel of the teeth. Long time consumption of soda will increase the risk of bacterial plaque, cavities and gingivitis. Soda also alters the pH balance of saliva and cause dental erosion.

Skeletal and Liver Fat:
Sodas will increase the risk of liver and skeletal fat by 132% to 221% percent than any other sugary drink in the market. Liver fat will affect the functions of the liver and decrease its metabolic functions. Skeletal fat will make the bones weak and prone to excessive pressure. This pressure will cause osteoporosis.

Soda Belly:
This applies to regular and diet soda, people that drink sodas everyday have a 70% increase in waist circumference during a 10 year period. The aspartame is said to increase the waist size in diet sodas and the sugar in regular sodas.

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Reproductive organ:
A cancer causing resin called bio phenyl-a, is found in plastic bottles and Tupperware, is used to coat soda cans. This chemical will wreck endocrine function and cause reproductive issues and premature puberty.

Sodas are meant to be used as a treat and should be drunk in seldom occasions. The health risk that sodas bring to the body should be enough to convince you to kick the daily habit goodbye. Opt for a fizzy water or fresh fruit juices instead.

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