How To Achieve that Younger Looking Hands

Aside from the face, a person’s hands reflect his or her age. The skin on the back of your hands, like those on the neck and chest, are thin and delicate. But, unlike those two, the hands are exposed to harsh sunlight that accelerates skin aging.

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  • The Make-Up Trick

You can temporarily make your hand look a few years younger with the magic of makeup. In order to achieve a professional-looking hand makeup, combine liquid foundation the size of a pea to a dollop of hand cream. After finishing the mixture, rub it in your hand to make your skin look younger by evening out your hand’s skin tone and hide its wrinkles. Remember to use a hand cream with at least SPF15 for added protection for your younger-looking hands.

  • Age Proofing

Since the hand also gives away your age, you have to age-proof it by taking care of it the same way that you would your face.

  • Moisturize your Hands Regularly

Well-hydrated skin is proven to look younger compare to dry skin. Your hands would instantly look less wrinkly if you apply hydrating cream on it in every morning and evening. This is because when moisture is absorbed by the skin. The moisture then makes it look plumper much like that of a younger person.

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  • Repair Skin Overnight

In order to achieve youthful-looking hands, make sure to use anti-ageing serum or cream every evening. If you are unable to do this because of financial limitations, you can substitute the anti-ageing serum with petroleum jelly. Then, use a pair of cotton gloves to cover it up before you go to bed.

  • The Medical Solution

When you’re beginning to lose hope that you would ever have delicate-looking hands, you might ponder upon seeking medical help. Many dermatologists would suggest that you undergo injections to insert fillers to add volume to your skin. However, that kind of medical procedure can become costly. If you wish to achieve the same effect but have financial limitations, simply apply an eye cream over the back of your hands and leave it overnight. Since the eye cream plumps up the skin under your eyes because they are thin, they would do the same with your hands.

  • The Home Remedy

Believe it or not, a simple hand massage can actually make your hand look younger by increasing blood flow and tighten sagging skin. Shaking your hands for one minute at least once a week to loosen them up then add 3 to 4 drops of olive oil on one of your palms. Then, using the thumb of your other hand, massage your palm in a circular motion. Then stroke each of your fingers in an up and down motion. Do the same to your other hand.

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