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How to Beat Loneliness

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Loneliness affect everybody, it can be a sudden feeling or something that comes from time to time. It can be a feeling of disconnection, unhappiness and numbness. Loneliness can leave you feeling emotionally and physically drained of life. For some people loneliness can be easily cured with a little bit of rest and relaxation, to some loneliness can be a lasting and painful.

Living with loneliness can affect sleeping patterns, lifestyle, health and physical well-being. Ten to twenty percent of adults struggle with chronic loneliness. Loneliness is a much common problem than depression. Unlike depression, loneliness can be easier to overcome.

Keep loneliness at bay with these helpful tips:

Hit the books
– Learning about your condition and knowing what it can and can’t be is the first step to finding treatment for it. Learning about loneliness allows you to analyze the feeling itself, it removes the mystery of the problem and allow you to deal with it more openly.

Finding Your Emotional Habits
– When you experience your bout of sadness, what are your emotional habits? Do you seclude yourself from your friends and family, or do you tend to drink every night to keep the loneliness away? Learning your emotional habits will help you distinguish being, “sad” and loneliness. Learning to fight off this habit and opting for healthier alternatives will be better in the long run. Fighting off the feeling that you want to lock yourself in your room or chug down a bottle of wine will be hard, but forcing yourself to do so will be beneficial for your physical and mental health.

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Keep Yourself Busy
– Doing things and going out may be the last thing you want to do, but isolating yourself and leaving yourself time to wallow in your loneliness is not healthy. Be with the people you love, keep them near and share about your feelings. Don’t be ashamed of feeling lonely, we all go through it. Telling other people about it and asking how they manage to overcome it can help you find a way to get over your loneliness. Just being near the people you care about is enough to lessen the effects of loneliness.

Learn to Love Yourself
– Hating and being angry about how you feel will only lead to self-loathing. One of the true and tested way to beat loneliness is learning to love yourself. Be satisfied by being with yourself, don’t depend on other people and allow them to hold on to your happiness. People will come and go, but you’ll always have yourself; start learning to love who you are.

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Change Your Focus
– Loneliness can alter the way we think and most of the time affect the way we focus. Most people have a Me-Me-Me mindset when experiencing loneliness. “He left me because I’m an awful person” “Nobody likes me” “He got the job because he’s better than me”. Changing your focus and realizing that your sadness and loneliness isn’t all about you is important. Change your focus and start to look outward. Try walking down the street and look at the people walking past you. All of them struggle with something and they may also be blaming themselves for these struggles. Wish them positivity and love, and remind yourself that not everything is your fault and no matter how hard it is, everything’s going to be okay.

Loneliness is a very complex emotional and mental occurrence that can be experienced at different times in our lives and can last from days to years. Loneliness brings a lot of painful and scary feelings that are something we don’t really wish to feel ever again. Learning to beat it will open up better emotional, physical and mental growth. If you ever feel lonely, try to remember these tips.

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