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How to Combat Weight Loss Plateau

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Struggling to lose weight? We all have been here at one point in our lives, especially during times when we are trying to shed a few pounds off, to achieve a specific weight. You might have been following several diet programs already where you are shedding several pounds in weeks only to hit a wall where not even a single pound goes missing. This can be frustrating to be sure, but this is a normal occurrence in many cases. As a matter of fact, even when you are lifting weights, you can reach a plateau where you aren’t seeing any results to your routine. With that being said, how will you be able to go beyond this hitch in your weight loss routine?

Add more fiber

If you want to break the weight loss plateau that you are in, eating more fiber can help. Fruits and vegetables are among the best sources of fiber which can help speed up your body’s ability to metabolize the food that you are eating. Think apples, cucumbers, celery, and kale to get a decent amount of fiber in your body.

Cheat on your diet

Although having a cheat day in your diet is not really recommended, in this case, it might help jumpstart your weight loss routine. A cheat meal should be high in carbohydrates in order to start your body’s metabolism once more. If you are wondering what food to eat, a slice of pizza is a good place to start, or even a burger for that matter. The extra carbohydrates in your body is going to make your mind send signals to your body to start breaking it down.

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Vary your workout routines

Another tip to combat your weight loss plateau is to consider changing your workout routine. If you’ve been doing the same routine for months, you will not see any changes to your weight loss results at all. One reason behind this is that your body has already gotten used to the stress that you are putting on your muscles which means that they are not expending as much energy as needed. By changing your exercise routine, from light to moderate to extreme, you will keep your muscles guessing as to what you are going to do next.

Reduce your salt consumption

What else can you do to keep your weight loss abilities running? Well, reducing your salt consumption is highly recommended. Too much sodium in our body can cause water to be retained hence the bloated look and feeling. The problem with most of our diet today is that the processed foods that we are eating contain more sodium than the salt that we are adding using our salt shaker. Cut back on eating canned goods, instant dinners, and the like because they pack a whole lot of sodium.

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Don’t stress too much

When you are in a weight loss plateau, don’t stress too much about it. Stress can cause you to eat more than is necessary which can only make your problems worse. A better approach would be to take a step back and analyze all the things that you have done prior to hitting this plateau and from there, change what needs to be changed.

Water up

Hitting your weight loss plateau is going to be tough especially when you are almost at the number that you are aiming for. So, if you want to get your metabolism up and running, make sure that you are properly hydrated at all times. Water can also flush out the toxins that are preventing fats from getting burned too.

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