How to Get Rid of Stinky Ears

Commonly, having stinky ears is due to a bacterial or fungal infection. However, there are also instances in which it’s just due to the accumulation of things such as earwax, dirt and chemicals in the ear canal. This article will discuss some effective home remedies for putting an end to those stinky ears.

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Before we take a look at those home remedies, let’s fist discuss some of the most common causes of stinky ears:

An infection. Bacteria and fungi can cause an infection in the ear. Pain and a yellowish discharge are telltale signs of a bacterial infection. On the other hand, a fungal infection tends to cause itchiness as well as watery discharge. No matter the type of infection, foul smell can come from the affected ear. 

Too much earwax. The ear canals produce earwax in order to protect the delicate structures deeper in the ears. Earwax naturally has an odd smell that helps keep insects at bay. Naturally, having lots of earwax can make that smell easier to detect by the nose. 

Poor hygiene. If you are not taking a shower or cleaning your ears on a regular basis, it’s not unlikely for them to give off an unpleasant smell. It’s not just earwax that can accumulate in the ear canal if you have poor hygiene practices, but many others such as dirt, grime, soap and shampoo.

Due to the fact that there are different causes of stinky ears, remedies vary. It the root cause is an ear infection, try some of the following all-natural solutions:

In 2 tablespoons of mustard oil, cook 2 garlic cloves that are peeled and chopped up. When the garlic slices are almost black, remove from heat. Allow to oil to cool and use as ear drops. 

Combine equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water. Using a medicine dropper, instill some of the mixture in the ear canal. Let it remain there for about 5 minutes. Allow to drain afterwards. 

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Place a few drops of breast milk in the ear and allow it to dry. Although scientifically proven effective against an ear infection and other types of microbial activity, it’s a solution that’s not always accessible.

If having stinky ears is due to the presence of excessive amounts of earwax, here are some of the home remedies for the problem that you may give a try:

In half a cup of warm water, dissolve a teaspoon of salt. Use a medicine dropper to instill the solution in the ear canal. After a few minutes, tilt your head to the opposite direction to drain the ear canal. 

Combine equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) and water. Place a few drops of the mixture in the affected ear. Allow to drain after a few minutes have passed. 

One of the simplest home remedies for dealing with excessive earwax is instilling baby oil in the ear canal. Wait for a few minutes before allowing it to drain.

If it seems like the problem is caused by your poor hygiene practices, here are some of the things that you may try to get rid of those stinky ears:

Take a shower or bath on a regular basis. Rinse the ears very well with water to make sure that no soap or shampoo remains in the ear canal or lobe. 

Use a cotton swab to clean the outer part of the ear canal. It’s not a good idea for you to insert a cotton swab deep into the ear canal. It will only push dirt and earwax deeper, and you may also hurt your eardrum. 

Mix equal amounts of water and rubbing alcohol. Use a medicine dropper to place some of the mixture in the ear canal. Allow the ear canal to drain after a few minutes.

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