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How to Incorporate Coconut Oil Into Your Diet

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Coconut has been termed as the miracle tree. With all its part discovered to be useful for something practical and medicinal, it has gained a huge popularity. Coconut oil offers tons of benefits that you can’t snub. Here are ways to incorporate coconut oil into your diet.

Pie Crust
Take some coconut oil and add it to your recipe for a pie crust. If the coconut oil is used as an alternative to oil, use the same amount. If it is used as a replacement for butter or shortening, lessen the amount by one to two table spoons and put in the fridge to be chilled.

Muffin and Cookies
Instead of shortening or butter, coconut oil can be used in cookies and muffins or even cakes. Use less than what the recipe requires with about two tablespoons.

Coconut oil can also be blended well into smoothies. If it is in the solid state, make sure that the coconut oil is melted. Keep it and the other ingredients in room temperature. Since it is a non-cold smoothie, an added citrus like lemons and oranges will make it more refreshing.

With soups, the virgin coconut oil can be used as a last-minute add-on. The flavors in the soup will keep the flavor of the coconut oil. To make sure that the oil blends well with the soup, do a test in a small quantity first.

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Virgin coconut oil is also great with other vegetables like steamed broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Toast and Bagels
Virgin coconut oil is also used as a spread. Instead of butter, use the coconut oil on toasts and bagels. To improve the taste, you can try coconut oil mixed with olive oil, garlic, and salt. Store it in the fridge.

Some people find the taste of coconut unpalatable. Others just won’t exert the necessary effort to get them prepared. As an alternative, coconut oil supplements are available in the market today. When going for coconut oil, check whether it is virgin or extra virgin.

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