How to Increase Your Serotonin Naturally

Serotonin is regarded as a happy hormone. Needless to say, it’s something that can help in lifting the mood. If you are constantly feeling anxious or depressed, there is a possibility that you do not have enough of serotonin. Keep on reading this article to know how you can have your serotonin levels naturally increased.

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Drink Coffee

According to scientific investigations conducted on rats, coffee could increase serotonin levels in the brain. In addition, this well-loved beverage is also said to help make the brain more sensitive to serotonin. So go ahead and brew yourself a cup of coffee each time you are feeling down.

However, limit your intake of coffee if you are suffering from anxiety because the stimulating properties of caffeine in it can actually worsen physical symptoms like tremors and a fast heart rate.

Get Outside

Even though it’s true that too much sun can accelerate skin aging and increase skin cancer risk, it’s not a good idea to turn your back on it completely. That’s because the sun is actually an excellent source of vitamin D, which is important for the synthesis of more serotonin in the brain.

It is a good idea for you to stay away from the sun (or wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30) between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon for your very own safety.

Move Around

According to experts, those who are battling anxiety and depression should exercise on a regular basis. That’s because it can help in increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain, thus lifting the mood. It also helps promote a boost in self-confidence and a more positive body image, not to mention it’s good for the cardiovascular health!

There is really no need for you to hit the gym on a regular basis just to feel happy. Something as simple as walking for at least 20 minutes a day is already regarded as good exercise.

Eat Protein

Make sure that you include protein-rich foods in your diet on an everyday basis. Nutrition experts say that protein is essential for the synthesis of hormones, and that includes serotonin. It is said that the best form of serotonin-boosting protein is that which comes from animal food sources such as eggs, chicken, turkey and beef.

Fret not if you are a vegetarian or you are considerably reducing your intake of saturated fat and cholesterol because you can also get good amounts of protein from various plants like beans and grains.

Have Fermented Foods

Did you know that much of the serotonin in your body is manufactured in the gut? That is why it’s a must to keep your gut in a healthy state if you want to battle anxiety and depression by naturally increasing your serotonin levels. And the best way to keep your gut healthy is through regular consumption of fermented foods.

That’s because fermented foods are phenomenal sources of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria. You may also choose to supplement with probiotic capsules and drinks.

Get Massaged

We all know that getting a massage can make us feel good. According to experts, feeling good helps increase serotonin production, thus leaving you feeling great! Actually, it’s not just a massage that you may opt for to enjoy a boost in serotonin, but any other activity that can put a smile on your face.

Besides, getting a massage or doing any other mood-lifting activity not only amplifies serotonin production, but also reduces high levels of stress which is known to considerably reduce those happy hormones.

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